Antoine de Chandieu: The Silver Horn of Geneva's Reformed Triumvirate

ISBN : 9780190882181

Theodore Van Raalte
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Oxford Studies in Historical Theology

Offering the first study in any language dedicated to the influential publications of the French Reformed theologian Antoine de Chandieu (1534-1591), Theodore Van Raalte begins by recalling Chandieu's reputation as it stood at the death of Theodore Beza in 1605. Poets in Geneva mourned the end of an era of star theologians, reminiscing about Geneva's Reformed triumvirate of gold, silver, and bronze: gold represented Calvin; silver Chandieu; and bronze Beza. Van Raalte's work sets

Chandieu within the context of Reformed theology in Geneva, the wider history of scholastic method in the Swiss cantons, and the gripping social and political milieus. Chandieu was far from a mere ivory tower theologian: as a member of French nobility in possession of many estates and castles in France, he and his family acutely experienced the misery and triumph of the French Huguenots during the Wars of Religion. Connected to royalty from at least the beginning of his career, Chandieu later served the future Henry IV as personal military chaplain and cryptographer.

His writings run the gamut from religious poetry (put to music by others in his lifetime) to carefully-crafted disputations which saw publication in his posthumous Opera Theologica in five editions between 1592 and 1620. Chandieu had developed a very elaborate form of the medieval quaestio disputata and made liberal use of hypothetical syllogisms. Van Raalte argues that Chandieu utilized scholastic method in theology for the sake of clarity of argument, rootedness in Scripture, and certainty of faith.


1. Between Gold and Bronze: Chandieu as Silver Horn and Vase
2. The Biography and Bibliography of a French Reformed Baron
3. Distinct Roles for Scholastic Method and Cultured Eloquence
4. Ecclesiastical Architecture for the French Reformed Churches
5. Reviving Aristotle: One of the Highly Erudite Exiled Frenchmen
6. Theology as a Science That Benefits from a Scholastic Method
7. Keeping a Firm and Certain Faith in the Inspired Word
8. Tweaking a Medieval Antecedent: The Quaestio Disputata
9. Very Commonly Used by the Ancients: Hypothetical Syllogisms
10. A Renaissance Literary Master in Service of Reformed Theology
Appendix 1: Publications of Antoine de Chandieu
Appendix 2: Organization and Structure of the Opera Theologica
Appendix 3: Schematic of the structure of Confirmation de la discipline ecclesiastique


Theodore G. (Ted) Van Raalte earned his Ph.D. in historical theology under Richard A. Muller at Calvin Theological Seminary, with the assistance of Dr. Irena D. Backus of the University of Geneva. His areas of research include Antoine de Chandieu, Guillaume Farel, the Reformation in the Swiss Cantons, the French Reformed Churches, and certain pseudonymous works of the period.