The Oxford Handbook of the Writings of the Hebrew Bible

ISBN : 9780190212438

Donn F. Morgan
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This Oxford Handbook is a serious resource for the study of the literature of the Writings (Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ruth, Esther, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Ezra-Nehemiah, Chronicles, Daniel) of the Hebrew Bible, including its context and its scriptural/canonical shape and reception. A first section provides an overview of the post-exilic period in which much of the Writings was written, focusing on history, archeology, and the development of major literary traditions, all of which provide the context for understanding and interpreting this literature. A second section contains creative studies of the books in the Writings, focusing on structure, purpose, and distinctive characteristics of this very diverse literature. A third section looks at the Writings from larger and longer perspectives including the ancient Near East, developing Judaism and Christianity, Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, music and the arts, and its canonization and reception by Judaism and Christianity. This handbook has a focus on the special character and shape of the Writings as scripture and canon, including the recurring issues of diversity and difference, dates of canonization, its special relationship to other scripture and canon (Torah, Prophets, New Testament), and its interpretation in religious and non-religious communities.


List of Contributors
1. Studying The Writings As Post-Exilic Literature and Canon Donn F. Morgan
2. The Early Post-Exilic Period in the Writings (Cyrus through Ezra-Nehemiah) Lester L. Grabbe
3. The Writings in the Hellenistic and Roman Period Timothy H. Lim
4. Archeology of the Post-Exilic Period and the Writings Benjamin D. Gordon
Institutional and Literary Traditions
5. Cultic Traditions in the Writings: Priests and Levites in the Post-Exilic Period Mark A. Leutcher
6. Wisdom Traditions and the Writings: Sage and Scribe James L. Crenshaw
7. Apocalyptic Visions and Revisions of the End in the Writings Bennie H. Reynolds III
8. Post-Exilic Prose Traditions in the Writings: Novella Writers, Story Tellers, and History Writers Thomas M. Bolin
9. Post-exilic Poetic Traditions in the Writings S.E. Gillingham

10. Reading Psalms Sapientially in the Writings William P. Brown
11. The Book of Job in the Context of the Writings Katherine J. Dell
12. Reading Proverbs as a Book in the Writings Julius Steinberg
13. Lamentations and Canon: Conversations in the Dark Scott Ellington
14. Ruth: A Reading of Scripture? A. Graeme Auld
15. Esther's Frame within the Writings Timothy J. Stone
16. Qoheleth in the Writings Erhard S. Gerstenberger
17. The Wisdom of Desire in the Song of Songs Carey Walsh
18. Reimagining Community Past and Present in Ezra and Nehemiah Melody D. Knowles
19. Chronicles and the Writings John C. Endres
20. Reading Daniel as Part of the Writings Ralph W. Klein
Later Interpretation
21. Writings in the Dead Sea Scrolls Lawrence H. Schiffman
22. Nascent Judaism: The Writings and the History of Religions John L. Berquist
23. Ancient Near Eastern Religions and the Writings Daniel C. Snell
24. The Divine Human Encounter in the Hebrew Wisdom of the Writings and the Confucian Analects Archie Chi-Chung Lee
25. Moving Texts: The Writings in Western Music and Visual Arts Roger Ferlo
26. The Reception of the Writings and their place in the Biblical Canon Lee Martin McDonald
27. The Canonical Shape and Function of the Writings Timothy J. Stone
28. Aspects of Jewish Reception of the Ketuvim (Writings) Alan Cooper
29. The Writings in the Christian Bible Mark W. Elliott
30. The Writings and Canon: Enduring Issues and Legacy Donn F. Morgan $ https://global.oup.com/academic/product/9780190212438


Donn F. Morgan spent his career teaching Old Testament at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, a founding member of the Graduate Theological Union, in Berkeley, California. His special interests included biblical wisdom literature, the Psalms, scripture and canon, the Writings, and the post-exilic period of ancient Israel. In addition to his teaching and research, he held administrative and other positions in theological education. He is the author of six books, including Between Text & Community: The Writings in Canonical Interpretation.