Teaching Physical Education and Sports Coaching

ISBN : 9780190421748

Soezin Krog; Rowena Naidoo; Francois Cleophas; Dorita du Toit; Deidre Kruger; Andrew Lewis; JP Rossouw; Charl J. Roux; Ds Nico van der Merwe; Francois Willemse
400 ページ
168 x 241 mm

This valuable resource provides support for teachers who may not be Physical Education teachers by illustrating simple exercises that can be easily done by an inexperienced teacher while ensuring that they are also scientifically based, safe, purposeful and cover all three domains of Physical Education (affective, cognitive and psychomotor). Teaching Physical Education and Sports Coaching also provides a basic introduction to sports coaching. The book covers basic content on anatomy and physiology, training theory and the teaching of skills, psychological aspects of coaching, drugs and nutrition in sport, sport injuries and first aid; as well as inclusive physical education and ethical behaviour in Physical Education and sports coaching. The book focuses on the South African context by being cognizant of cultural, geographical and sport diversity, giving due prominence to community or indigenous games and providing guidance on working in schools that are highly resourced as well as low-resourced schools. Guidance is also provided for engaging with CAPS subtopics, such as fitness, adventure sports, traditional games, traditional sport, and age-related activities as part of early specialisation.


Part 1 - Theory of physical education
Chapter 1 - A historical account of physical education in South Africa
Chapter 2 - Physical education, sport and the law
Chapter 3 - Basic anatomy and physiology
Chapter 4 - Managing sports injuries and safety issues
Chapter 5 - Growth and development
Chapter 6 - Inclusive physical education
Chapter 7 - Basic sport nutrition, performance enhancing substances and anti-doping education
Chapter 8 - Psychological preparation in physical education and sport
Part 2 - Practice of physical education and sports
Chapter 9 - Physical education and sports coaching methodologies
Chapter 10 - Principles of training and conditioning
Chapter 11 - Teaching sports skills
Chapter 12 - Teaching games
Chapter 13 - Assessing physical education and sports skills
Chapter 14 - Measurement and evaluation