Youth in Regime Crisis: Comparative Perspectives from Russia to Weimar Germany

ISBN : 9780198826842

Felix Krawatzek
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Oxford Studies in Democratization

How do political regimes respond to the challenges emanating from youth mobilization? This book seeks to understand regime resilience and breakdown by analysing the public meaning of youth, as well as the physical mobilization of young people.

Mobilization carried by young people is a key component in understanding the stabilisation of the authoritarian regime structures in contemporary Russia, but the Russian experience makes only sense if placed in its broader historical context.Three comparative cases, the breakdown of the authoritarian Soviet Union, the breakdown of the democratic Weimar Republic, and the crisis of the democratic regime in France around 1968 highlight how regimes which lacked popular support have compensated for their insufficient legitimacy by trying to mobilize youth symbolically and politically.

This book illustrates the symbolic significance of youth and its role in regime crisis by analysing a new data set of newspaper articles with a new method of discourse analysis. The combination of qualitative interpretation and quantitative network analysis enables a deeper and more systematic understanding of discursive structures about youth. Through this methodological innovation the book contributes to the way we define the categories of youth, generation, and crisis. It makes the case that our conceptualisation should reflect the way terms are being used - usages that can be captured in a systematic way with new methods of discourse analysis.

Oxford Studies in Democratization is a series for scholars and students of comparative politics and related disciplines. Volumes concentrate on the comparative study of the democratization process that accompanied the decline and termination of the cold war. The geographical focus of the series is primarily Latin America, the Caribbean, Southern and Eastern Europe, and relevant experiences in Africa and Asia. The series editor is Laurence Whitehead, Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield College, University of Oxford.


Part I: Themes and Scope
1 Setting, Concepts, and Theory
2 Interpreting Text as Discourse or Using Text as Data
3 Youth as a Political Force in 20th Century Europe: An Overview
Part II: Youth During Regime Crises
4 The Russian Federation After the 'Colour Revolutions': Consolidating an Authoritarian Regime
5 The Soviet Union During Perestroika: Youth AMIDST Authoritarian Regime Breakdown
6 The Weimar Republic and Roads Not Followed: Breakdown of an Unconsolidated Democracy
7 France Around 1968: Consolidating a Democratic Regime
Part III: Comparative Perspectives
8 Youth and Crisis: Discourse and Mobilisation across Space and Time
Coding Scheme


Felix Krawatzek is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow based at the University of Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations and a Research Fellow at Nuffield College.