Exploring Gregory of Nyssa: Philosophical, Theological, and Historical Studies

ISBN : 9780198826422

Anna Marmodoro; Neil B. McLynn
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Exploring Gregory of Nyssa: Philosophical, Theological, and Historical Studies brings together an interdisciplinary team of historians, classicists, philosophers, and theologians to offer a holistic exploration of the thought of Gregory of Nyssa. The volume considers Gregory's role in the main philosophical and religious controversies of his era, such as his ecclesiastical involvement in the Neo-Nicene apologetical movement. It looks at his complex relationships-for example with his brother Basil of Caesarea and with Gregory of Nazianzus. Contributors highlight Gregory's debt to Origen, but also the divergence between the two thinkers, and their relationships to Platonism. They also examine Gregory of Nyssa's wider philosophy and metaphysics; deep questions in philosophy of language such as the nature of predication and singular terms that inform our understanding of Gregory's thought; and the role of metaphysical concepts such as the nature of powers and identity.

The study paints a picture of Gregory as a ground-breaking philosopher-theologian. It analyses the nature of the soul, and connection to theological issues such as resurrection; questions that are still of interest in the philosophy of religion today, such as divine impassibility and the nature of the Trinity; and returning to more immediately humane concerns, Gregory also has profound thoughts on topics such as vulnerability and self-direction. The volume will be of primary interest to researchers, lecturers, and postgraduate students in philosophy, classics, history, and theology, and can be recommended as secondary reading for undergraduates, especially those studying classics and theology.


Anna Marmodoro and Neil B. McLynn: Introduction
1 John McGuckin: Gregory of Nyssa: A Brief Life and Context
2 Neil McLynn: The two Gregories: Nyssen and Nazianzen
3 Susanna Elm: Dressing Moses: reading Gregory of Nyssa's Life of Moses literally
4 Mark Edwards: Allegory and Mysticism in Gregory of Nyssa
5 Christopher Beeley: Predication, Metaphysics, and Divine Impassibility in Gregory of Nyssa's Christological Exegesis
6 Morwenna Ludlow: Spiritual Formation and the Body-Soul Relation in Gregory of Nyssa
7 Ilaria Ramelli: Gregory of Nyssa on the Soul (and the Restoration): From Plato to Origen
8 Johannes Zachhuber: The soul as dynamis in Gregory of Nyssa
9 Sophie Cartwright: Vulnerability as Secret of Self-direction in Gregory of Nyssa
10 Andrew Radde-Gallwitz: Gregory of Nyssa and the Three Gods Problem
11 Anna Marmodoro: Gregory of Nyssa on the Trinity (with focus on his letter iAd Ablabius)
Index of Names and Subjects
Index Locorum


Anna Marmodoro has published extensively on the history of philosophy, theology, and modern analytic philosophy, especially metaphysics. Much of her work innovatively combines all three. Her publications include Aristotle on Perceiving Objects (2014) and Everything in Everything: Anaxagoras's Metaphysics (2017).; Neil McLynn has published extensively on a wide range of topics centred on religious politics in Late Antiquity. His publications include Ambrose of Milan: Church and Court in a Christian Capital (1994) and Christian Politics and Religious Culture in Late Antiquity (2009).