Ontology, Modality, and Mind: Themes from the Metaphysics of E. J. Lowe

ISBN : 9780198796299

Alexander Carruth; Sophie Gibb; John Heil
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153 x 234 mm

This book explores a range of traditional and contemporary metaphysical themes that figure in the writings of E. J. Lowe, whose powerful and influential work was still developing at the time of his death in 2015. During his forty-year career, he established himself as one of the world's leading philosophers, publishing eleven single-authored books and well over two hundred essays. His scholarship was strikingly broad, ranging from early modern philosophy to the interpretation of quantum mechanics. His most important and sustained contributions were to philosophy of mind, philosophical logic, and above all metaphysics.

E. J. Lowe was committed to a systematic, realist, and scientifically informed neo-Aristotelean approach to philosophy. This volume presents a set of new essays by philosophers who share this commitment, addressing interrelated themes of his work. In particular, these papers focus upon three closely connected topics central not only to Lowe's work, but to contemporary metaphysics and philosophy of mind in general: ontology and categories of being; essence and modality, and the metaphysics of mental causation.


John Heil: Introduction
1 E. J. Lowe: Metaphysics as the Science of Essence
Part I: Categorical Ontology
2 Peter Simons: Lowe, the Primacy of Metaphysics, and the Basis for Categorial Distinctions
3 John Heil: Existents and Universals
4 Anna Marmodoro: Whole But Not One
Part II: Necessity and Essence
5 David Oderberg: The Impossibility of Natural Necessity
6 Tuomas Tahko: The Epistemology of Essence
7 Antonella Corradini: Essence and Necessity: The Case of Normative Non-naturalism
8 Peter van Inwagen: Lowe's New Ontological Argument
Part III: Mental Causation
9 Alexander Carruth and Sophie Gibb: The Ontology of E. J. Lowe's Substance Dualism
10 David Robb: Could Mental Causation be Invisible?
Bibliography of the Works of E. J. Lowe


Alexander Carruth is Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind at the University of Durham.; Sophie Gibb is Professor and Head of Department in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Durham.; John Heil is Professor of Philosophy at Washington University in St Louis and an Honorary Research Associate at Monash University.