The Oxford Handbook of Demosthenes

ISBN : 9780198713852

Gunther Martin
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As a speechwriter, orator, and politician, Demosthenes captured, embodied, and shaped his time. He was a key player in Athens in the twilight of the city's independence, and is today a primary source for its history and society during that period. The Oxford Handbook of Demosthenes sets out to explore the many facets of his life, work, and time, giving particular weight to elucidating the settings and contexts of his activities, as well as some of the key themes dealt with in his speeches, and thereby illustrating the interplay and mutual influence between his rhetoric and the environment from which it emerged.

The volume's thirty-five chapters are authored by experts in the field and offer both comprehensive coverage and an up-to-date reference point for the issues and problems encountered when approaching the speeches in particular: they not only showcase how Demosthenes' rhetoric was profoundly influenced by Athenian reality, but also explore its reception from Demosthenes' own day right up until the present and how his presentation of his world has subsequently shaped our view of it. The wide range of expertise and the different scholarly traditions represented are a vivid demonstration of the richness and diversity of current Demosthenic studies and the contribution the volume makes to enriching our knowledge of the life and work of one of the most prominent figures of ancient Greece will be of significance to a wide readership interested in Athenian history, society, rhetoric, politics, and law.


Abbreviations and Conventions
List of Contributors
0 Gunther Martin: Introduction
Part I. General Matters
1 Thomas Paulsen: Demosthenic Scholarship
2 Gottfried Mader: Literary Readings of Oratory
3 Adele C. Scafuro: Historical Readings of Oratory
4 Katharina Wojciech: The Place of Oratory in Fourth-Century Politics and Culture
Part II. The Institutional Context of Oratory
5 Karen Piepenbrink: Public Opinion and the Arenas of Debate
6 Mirko Canevaro: Law and Justice
7 Michael Gagarin: Court Procedures and Arbitration
8 Susan Lape: Political Elites
9 Peter Hunt: Diplomacy
Part III. The Political Context
10 P. J. Rhodes: Athenian Foreign Policy
11 Edmund M. Burke: Athenian State Finances
12 Leonhard Burckhardt: Military
13 Robert J. Nichols: Corruption
14 Guy Westwood: Views on the Past
15 Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner: Visions of Attica
Part IV. The Social and Cultural Context
16 Sitta von Reden: Trade and Credit
17 Kostas Kapparis: The Social and Legal Position of Metics, Foreigners, and Slaves
18 Joseph Roisman: The Rhetoric of Social and Political Values
19 Winfried Schmitz: Local Communities, Neighbourhoods
20 S. C. Humphreys: Kinship
21 Hannah Willey: Religion
22 Robin Osborne: City and Countryside
Part V. Demosthenes' Life
23 Brad L. Cook: The Biographic Tradition
24 Iris Samotta: Family, Formation, Extra-Political Activities
25 Christos Karvounis: Political Career
26 Noriko Sawada: Allies and Foes (I): Aeschines, Hyperides, Lycurgus
27 Luigi Gallo: Allies and Foes (II): Politicians without Transmitted Speeches
Part VI. The Corpus Demosthenicum
28 Edward M. Harris: Speeches to the Assembly and in Public Prosecutions (Dem. 1 24)
29 Pietro Cobetto Ghiggia: Speeches in Private Prosecutions
30 Ian Worthington: The Epitaphios, Erotikos, Prooimia, and Letters
31 Cecil W. Wooten: Rhetorical Technique
32 Jeremy Trevett: Authenticity, Composition, Publication
33 Luciano Canfora: Afterlife (Antiquity and Byzantine Era)
34 Alastair Blanshard: Afterlife (Modern Era)
35 Gunther Martin: Transmission of the Corpus Demosthenicum


Gunther Martin is SNSF-Professor at the University of Zurich; educated at the universities of Munich and Oxford, he has previously held posts at Oxford, Nottingham, and Berne. He is the author of books on Demosthenes, Euripides, and the historian Dexippus, and his work focuses on textual scholarship, the study of communication, and the relationship between historical reality and its representation in literary texts.