Malabar in the Indian Ocean: Cosmopolitanism in a Maritime Historical Region

ISBN : 9780199480326

Mahmood Kooria; Michael N. Pearson
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Malabar is a crucial place in the Indian Ocean world, but its historical diversity is largely unexplored. Seafarers and writers have described it in terms of its own cultural and social life; however, a complete historical description of the engagement of the Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and British has still not been attempted.
Unlike the existing studies that rely heavily on European sources, Malabar in the Indian Ocean calls the attention of researchers to the rich trove of unknown or underutilized indigenous and foreign source materials in different languages, such as Malayalam, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Latin. In addition, it highlights certain materials that bear archaeological, epigraphical, and architectural significance.
Looking beyond the economics of the region and using translations of unpublished and rare sources, this volume highlights how the ocean has left a deep impact on the region's society, culture, religion, and politics, making it an exemplary cosmopolitan place.


List of Figures and Maps
Introduction: Situating Malabar in the Indian Ocean
Mahmood Kooria
1. Sources for Malabar Muslim Inscriptions
Mehrdad Shokoohy
2. Khutbat al-Jihadiyya : A Sixteenth-Century Anti-Portuguese Sermon
Mahmood Kooria
3. Some Early Documents about the Interactions of the Saint Thomas Christians and the European Missionaries
Istvan Perczel
4. Cross-Cultural Interactions and Missionary Writings in the Context of the Dutch East India Company, c. 1600-72 121
Meera G. Muralidharan
5. Patappattu , a Malayalam War-Song on the Portuguese-Dutch Battle in Cochin
Mahmood Kooria
6. Charles Dellon's Journey through Malabar
Michael Naylor Pearson
7. Through a Persian Looking Glass: Malabar's World in the Middle of the Eighteenth Century
Gagan D.S. Sood
8. Mother Goddess and the Wooden Ship: Tale and Trade in the Tottam of Marakkalattamma
Abhilash Malayil
9. Religious Rivalries in Eighteenth-Century Malabar: The Diasporic Writings of a Hadrami Scholar
Abdul Jaleel P.K.M.
10. Jews and Other Peoples of Southern India: Excerpts from the Travelogue Even Sapir, by Rabbi Jacob Sapir, Based on His Journey along the Malabar Coast and Beyond, 1860
Richard G. Marks
11. The Malabar Mosque: A Visual Manifestation of an Egalitarian Faith
Mehrdad Shokoohy and Natalie H. Shokoohy
12. The Mosque in a Land of Temples: Reading Malabar's Muslim Monuments
Sebastian R. Prange
About the Editors and Contributors


Mahmood Kooria is a postdoctoral researcher at the Leiden University, the Netherlands. Earlier he was a joint research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden, and African Studies Centre (ASC), Leiden. Michael Naylor Pearson is professor emeritus at the University of New South Wales, Australia.