Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with Clients Managing Trauma

ISBN : 9780190678784

Adam Froerer; Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs; Johnny Kim; Elliott Connie
264 ページ
156 x 235 mm

This book is a comprehensive overview of how Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) can be used as a treatment approach for working with clients managing various forms of trauma. It describes various clinical cases along with the current research supporting SFBT as an evidence-based practice.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Elliott Connie
Chapter 2: Intersection of SFBT and Trauma: Comparison and Contrast
Johnny Kim and Adam Froerer
Chapter 3: Language Creates a New Reality
Adam Froerer, Cecil Walker, Johnny Kim, Elliott Connie, and Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs
Chapter 4: SFBT and Violent Crime
Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs
Chapter 5: Preventing Suicide in the Aftermath of Trauma
Heather Fiske
Chapter 6: Interpersonal Violence
Dawn Crosswhite, Johnny Kim, and Stacey Anne Williams
Chapter 7: SFBT with Survivors of War and International Conflict
Stephen M. Langer
Chapter 8: Substance Abuse and Recovery Through SFBT
Swathi M. Reddy, Kristin Bolton, Cynthia Franklin, and Karla Gonzalez Suitt
Chapter 9: Infidelity in Marriage and Relationships
Elliott Connie
Chapter 10: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the Military
Calyn Crow
Chapter 11: Child Sexual Abuse
Dawn Crosswhite and Johnny Kim
Chapter 12: Childhood Trauma
Johnny Kim, Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs, and Stacey Anne Williams
Chapter 13: Loss, Grief, and Bereavement
Carla P. Smith and Adam Froerer
Chapter 14: Countering Systemic Retraumatization for Sex-Trafficking Survivors
Christopher K. Belous and Carla P. Smith
Chapter 15: Vicarious Resilience
Adam Froerer, Jacqui von Cziffra Bergs, Johnny Kim, and Elliott Connie


Adam Froerer, PhD, MEd, Master of Family Therapy Associate Program Director and Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Mercer University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; Jacqui von Cziffra-Bergs, DEd, MEd, Director, Solution Focused Institute of South Africa; Johnny Kim, PhD, MSW, Associate Professor, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work; Elliott Connie, PhD, MSc, Founder and President, The Solution Focused University