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A Voice in the Wilderness: The 1888-1930 General Conference Sermons of Mormon Historian Andrew Jenson

ISBN : 9780190867829

Reid L. Neilson; Scott D. Marianno
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A Voice in the Wilderness features all twenty-eight of Assistant Church Historian Andrew Jenson's sermons at LDS General Conference, with introductions and annotations that place the sermons within their historical and religious contexts. This study of Jenson's sermons moves the focus off the Mormon hierarchy at general conference, uncovering the richness and diversity that thrives just beneath the surface of official ecclesiastical discourse.


List of Illustrations
Editors' Preface
General Conference Sermons
Chapter 1: Every Man and Every Woman Should Have a Testimony, April 1888
Chapter 2: God Is No Respecter of Persons, April 1903
Chapter 3: The Power of God Is with His Servants, October 1905
Chapter 4: We Want to Make You All Historians, October 1906
Chapter 5: This Gospel of the Kingdom Shall Be Preached in All the World, April 1907
Chapter 6: Let Us Place Them and Ourselves on Record, October 1907
Chapter 7: The Great Principle of Gathering, April 1908
Chapter 8: A Pleasant Abode for the Pure in Heart, October 1908
Chapter 9: Every Member of the Church Is Entitled to Revelation, October 1912
Chapter 10: Becoming 'One Nation upon the Mountains of Ephraim,' April 1913
Chapter 11: Come, Come, Ye Saints, April 1914
Chapter 12: Ye Shall Know Them by Their Fruits, April 1915
Chapter 13: Many Things Are Not Recorded That Ought to Be, April 1916
Chapter 14: Those Pioneer Fathers and Mothers of Ours, October 1916
Chapter 15: The Eastern States . . . the Cradle of 'Mormonism,' April 1917
Chapter 16: Records Have Been Kept from the Beginning, October 1917
Chapter 17: A Kingdom That Shall Endure Forever, April 1918
Chapter 18: A Most Extensive Labor at the Historian's Office, October 1919
Chapter 19: 'Mormonism' for One Hundred Years, April 1920
Chapter 20: God Is with the True Latter-day Saints, October 1921
Chapter 21: A Far Greater Future than We Have Had a Past, October 1922
Chapter 22: Why Do We Build Temples?, October 1923
Chapter 23: The Necessity of Record Keeping, April 1924
Chapter 24: Faithful and Diligent in Preaching the Gospel, April 1925
Chapter 25: Places That Have Become Sacred to the Latter-day Saints, October 1925
Chapter 26: A General Awakening in Regard to the Importance of Record Keeping, October 1926
Chapter 27: The Missionary Operations of the Church, April 1927
Chapter 28: This Centennial Conference of the Church, April 1930


Reid L. Neilson is the Assistant Church Historian and Recorder and Managing Director of the Church History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.; Scott D. Marianno is a historian and writer for the Church History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.