An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life

ISBN : 9780190866310

Michael B. Arthur; Svetlana N. Khapova; Julia Richardson
280 ページ
142 x 210 mm

An Intelligent Career is a playbook for the modern knowledge worker, with clear guidance and support on taking charge of your own destiny, seeking continuous learning, collaborating with others, recognizing and acting on fresh opportunities, determining when it is time to move on, and much more.


Part 1. Taking Stock
Chapter 1. What Does an Intelligent Career Involve?
Chapter 2. Where Do Intelligent Careers Happen?
Chapter 3. Why Do You Work?
Chapter 4. How Do You Work?
Chapter 5. With Whom Do You Work?
Chapter 6. When Will You Change?
Part 2. Taking Action
Chapter 7. Making Sense
Chapter 8. Embracing Technology
Chapter 9. Investing in Communities
Chapter 10. Working with Employers
Chapter 11. Sharing Your Story
Chapter 12. Building Your World


This book is written by three business professors deeply focused on the changes in people's careers around the globe. All three are award-winning educators and researchers, and all three share the same conviction-that responsibility for careers has permanently shifted to the individual worker. In this book they describe how you, the reader, can apply your intelligence to and take ownership of your own career.; Michael B. Arthur is professor of management at Suffolk University in Boston. He has worked extensively on intelligent careers, including the development of the Intelligent Career Card Sort career exploration instrument. He is widely known for the Handbook of Career Theory and The Boundaryless Career, and received the Academy of Management's Everett Hughes Award for distinguished careers scholarship in 2006.; Svetlana N. Khapova is professor of careers and organization studies at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, and director of the VU School of Management and Amsterdam Business Research Institute. She studies how individuals draw on their careers to innovate and uses her research interest to help managers who are part of her PhD programs to bring innovation into their firms.; Julia Richardson is associate professor of human resource management at Curtin Business School in Perth, Australia. She has pursued a global career across Asia, New Zealand, and North America. She is author of The Independent Expatriate, co-editor of New Ways of Organizing Work, and has received multiple awards, including the Emerald Literati Award and Verity International Award, for her teaching and research.