The Oxford Handbook of the Politics of Development

ISBN : 9780199845156

Carol Lancaster; Nicolas van de Walle
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171 x 248 mm
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In The Oxford Handbook of the Politics of Development, two of America's leading political scientists on the issue, Carol Lancaster and Nicolas van de Walle, assemble an international cast of leading scholars who craft a comprehensive, examination of development policy and its effects on the political and economic climates of a country.


Preface, Nicolas van de Walle
Part I: Major Theories and Intellectual histories
1. Modernization Theory: Does Economic Development Cause Democratization?
Jose Antonio Cheibub and James Raymond Vreeland
2. Dependency Theory
James Mahoney and Diana Rodriguez-Franco
3. Structuralism
Elliott Green
4. Political Development
Robert H. Bates
5. The Washington Consensus and the New Political Economy of Economic Reform Kevin Morrison
6. Penury Traps and Prosperity Tales: Why Some Countries Escape Poverty While Others Do Not
M. Steven Fish
Part II: Domestic Factors
7. Culture, Politics and Development
Michael Woolcock
8. Religion, Politics and Economic Development: Synergies and Disconnects
Katherine Marshall
9. Does Inequality Harm Economic Development and Democracy?: Accounting for Missing Values, Noncomparable Observations, and Endogeneity
Christian Houle
10. Ethnicity and Development
Nic Cheeseman
11. Civil Conflict and Development
Havard Hegre
12. The Politics of The resource Curse: a Review
Michael L. Ross
13. Taxation and Development
Mick Moore
14. How Do Governments Build Capabilities to Do Great Things?: Ten Cases, Two Competing Explanations, One Large Research Agenda
Matt Andrews
15. Leadership and the Politics of Development
Adrian Leftwich and Heather Lyne De Ver
Part III: International Factors
16. Colonialism and Development in Africa
Leander Heldring and James A. Robinson
17. Investment and Debt
Layna Mosley
18. The Role of the State in Harnessing Trade-and-Investment for Development Purposes
Theodore H. Moran
19. International Financial Institutions and Market Liberalization in the Developing World
Stephen C. Nelson
20. Foreign Aid and Democratization in Developing Countries
Danielle Resnick
Part IV: Political Systems and Structures
21. Organizing for Prosperity: Collective Action, Political Parties, and the Political Economy of Development
Philip Keefer
22. Missing Links in the Institutional Chain
Anirudh Krishna
23. The Comparative Politics of Service Delivery in Developing Countries
Evan S. Lieberman
24. Party systems and the Politics of Development
Allen Hicken
25. Populism and Political Representation
Kenneth M. Roberts
Part V: Regional and Country Perspectives
26. Africa's Political Economy in the Contemporary Era
Peter M. Lewis
27. The Politics of Development in Latin America and East Asia
James W. McGuire
28. Development and Underdevelopment in the Middle East and North Africa
Melani Cammett
29. Rethinking the Institutional Foundations of China's Hypergrowth: Official Incentives, Institutional Constraints, and Local Developmentalism
Fubing Su, Ran Tao, and Dali L. Yang
30. The Politics of Growth in South Korea: Miracle, Crisis, and the New Market Economy Stephan Haggard and Myung-Koo Kang


The late Carol Lancaster was Dean and Professor of Politics at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.; Nicolas van de Walle is Professor of Government at Cornell University.