Exploring Nanosyntax

ISBN : 9780190876753

Lena Baunaz; Liliane Haegeman; Karen De Clercq; Eric Lander
360 ページ
156 x 235 mm
Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax

By offering the first in-depth introduction to the framework of nanosyntax, Exploring Nanosyntax fills a major gap in current theoretical literature. The volume contains original contributions by senior and junior researchers in the field and will also constitute an ideal handbook for advanced students and researchers in linguistics.


PART I: Background
1. Nanosyntax: The Basics,
Lena Baunaz & Eric Lander
2. Notes on Insertion in Distributed Morphology and Nanosyntax,
Pavel Caha
3. Spanning vs. Constituent Lexicalization: The Case of Portmanteau Prefixes,
Tarald Taraldsen
PART II: Empirical Investigations
4. A Note on Kim's Korean Question Particles Seen as Pronouns,
Michal Starke
5. Syncretism and Containment in Spatial Deixis,
Eric Lander & Liliane Haegeman
6. Decomposing Complementizers : The fseq of French, Modern Greek, Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian Complementizers,
Lena Baunaz
7. Syncretisms and the Morphosyntax of Negation,
Karen De Clercq
8. The Nanosyntax of Russian Verbal Prefixes,
Inna Tolskaya
PART III: Theoretical Explorations
9. Complex Left Branches, Spellout, and Prefixes,
Michal Starke
10. Word Order and Nanosyntax: Preverbal Subjects and Interrogatives across Spanish Varieties,
Antonio Fabregas
11. The Feature Structure of Pronouns: A Probe into Multidimensional Paradigms,
Guido Vanden Wyngaerd
12. Fseq Zones and Slavic L>T>N Participles,
Lucie Taraldsen Medova & Bartosz Wiland


Lena Baunaz is a postdoctoral assistant at the University of Zurich. She holds a PhD from the University of Geneva, which she published as The Grammar of French Quantification (Springer, 2011). Her recent research interests include the nano-syntax of the subjunctive mood, complementizers, and ontological categories. She has published in Probus, Studia Linguistica and others.; Liliane Haegeman was professor of English Linguistics at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) from 1984-1999. Between 2000 and 2009 she was full professor of English linguistics at the University of Lille III. Since 2009 she has held a research position at Ghent University. She has worked extensively on the syntax of English and Flemish.; Karen De Clercq is a postdoctoral researcher funded by the FWO and working at Ghent University. She wrote her PhD on the nanosyntax of negative markers under the supervision of Prof. Liliane Haegeman. She is currently working on the fine-grained morpho-syntax of Quantity-words (many/much; few/little), adjectives, degree comparison, and negation.; Eric Lander is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Gothenburg, currently working on negation in the history of Scandinavian. His research interests include Germanic philology, the NP/DP parameter, demonstratives, complementizers, and ontological categories. He has earned degrees from Harvard, Leuven, and Ghent.