Glimpses of Indian Agriculture

ISBN : 9780199488834

Vijay Paul Sharma; Pramod Kumar; Nilabja Ghosh; D.K Grover; Usha Tuteja
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223 x 272 mm

This volume studies different facets of agriculture and allied sectors. It provides an overview of Indian agriculture, and presents an analysis of its performance over the years. Showcasing the issues faced in the development of agriculture, it captures the interventions and initiatives of the government for the development of Indian agriculture.


General Editors' Note
Section I: Overview and Performance of Indian Agriculture
Usha Tuteja: Growth and Instability in World Pulse Production and Trade
C.S.C. Sekhar and Yogesh Bhatt: Pulses Production in India: An Empirical Analysis
Vijay Paul Sharma: Problems and Prospects of Oilseeds Production in India
D. K. Grover, Jasdev Singh, Sanjay Kumar, and J.M. Singh: Production and Marketing of Basmati Rice in Punjab
Usha Tuteja: An Economic Analysis of Basmati Cultivation in Haryana
Rajiv Kumar Sinha and Rosline Kusum Marandi: Problems and Prospects of Katarni Paddy Production in Bihar
Pranab Kanti Basu and Debajit Roy: Spread of New Varieties of Hybrid Rice and their Impact on the Overall Production and Productivity
D.K. Grover, Sanjay Kumar, J.M. Singh, and Jasdev Singh: Possibilities and Constraints in Adoption of Alternative Crops to Paddy in Green Revolution Belt of India
Vasant P. Gandhi and N. V. Namboodiri: Economics of Bt Cotton vis-A-vis Non-Bt Cotton in India: A Study across Four Major Cotton Growing States
D.K. Grover: Performance Evaluation of Bt Cotton Cultivation in Punjab
Moromi Gogoi and Rupam Kumar Bordoloi: Potential and Prospects of Rabi Crops Cultivation in Assam
Parmod Kumar: National Horticulture Mission Scheme Impact Evaluation
Komol Singha: Growth and Trends of Horticulture Crops in North-East and Himalayan States
Gautam Kakaty: Potential of Horticultural Crops in Assam and Meghalaya
Sangeeta Shroff: Government Intervention in Horticulture Development in Maharashtra A Case Study of Ratnagiri District
C.S. Vaidya, Pratap Singh, and Ranveer Singh: Economics of Mushroom Farming in Himachal Pradesh
Deepak Shah: Evaluation of Five Decades of Livestock Development in Maharashtra and Threats and Opportunities in WTO Regime
T.N. Saikia and Gautam Kakaty: Evaluation of Integrated Dairy Development Project in North Eastern Region
Ranjan Kumar Sinha and Rosline Kusum Marandi: Problems and Prospects of Fish Farming in Bihar and Jharkhand
Ranveer Singh, Meenakshi, S.P. Saraswat, and Partap Singh : Economic Analysis of Fish Ponds in Himachal Pradesh
Section II: Technology, Inputs, and Services for Agricultural Development
Vasant P. Gandhi, Dinesh Jain, and Aashish Argade: Biotechnology in Agriculture: Potential, Performance, and Concerns
Vasant P. Gandhi and N.V. Namboodiri: Evaluation of Participatory Irrigation Management in India: Study of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra
Vaibhav Bhamoriya: Status and Perception about Resource Conservation Technology: A Case Study of Drip Irrigation
K. Jothi Sivagnanam: Irrigated Agriculture in Tamil Nadu Pattern and Scope for Diversification
P. Thippaiah: Study of Tanks in Watershed Development Area in Karnataka
V.D. Shah: Impact Evaluation of Xth Plan National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA) in Rajasthan
Kali Sankar Chattopadhyay, Debajit Roy, and Ranjan Kumar Biswas: Impact Evaluation of Watershed Development for Rainfed Areas Envisaged WARSA JAN SAHBHAGITA during Tenth Plan (2002-2007)
Vijay Paul Sharma and Hrima Thaker: Economic Policy Reforms and Indian Fertilizer Sector
K. Jothi Sivagnanam: Fertilizer Consumption in Tamil Nadu
Hari Om Sharma and Deepak Rathi: Impact Study of Soil Testing Analysis in Madhya Pradesh
Sukhpal Singh: Agricultural Machinery Industry in India: A Study of Growth, Structure, Marketing, and Buyer Behaviour
C.S.C. Sekhar and Yogesh Bhatt : Farm Mechanization in India with Special Focus on Eastern Region
Section III: Agricultural Marketing, Post-harvest Management, and Value-Addition
Vijay Paul Sharma and Harsh Wardhan: Assessment of Marketed and Marketable Surplus of Major Foodgrains in India
Elmalai Kannan: Assessment of Pre and Post-harvest Losses of Important Crops in India
Sukhpal Singh and Naresh Singla: Fresh Food Supermarket Retailing and Supply Chains in India: Impact on Small Primary Vegetable Producers and Traditional F&V Retailers
Nilabja Ghosh and Ananda Vadivelu: Emergence of New Channels for India's Agricultural Marketing
M.J. Bhende: Integration of Major Agriculture Markets in Karnataka: An Empirical Study of Selected Commodities
D. Kumara Charyulu and M. Prahadeeswaran: Agricultural Market Integration and Trade Competitiveness of Indian Agriculture
Ramendu Roy and D.K. Singh: Market Access and Constraints in Marketing of Goats and their Products
Sukhpal Singh and Tarunvir Singh: Producer Companies in India: A study of Organization and Performance
D.S. Bhupal: Evaluation of Price Support and Market Intervention Schemes
D.S. Bhupal: Impact Assessment of Agricultural Market Reforms: Evidence from Uttarakhand and Haryana
Jiban Kumar Ghosh, Fazlul Haque Khan, and Vivekananda Datta: Understanding the Growth and Prospects of Agro-Processing Industries in West Bengal, Bihar, and Maharashtra
Rajiv Kumar Sinha and Ranjan Kumar Sinha: Agro-Processing Industries in Bihar
Jayanti Kajale: Agro-Processing Industries in Maharashtra: Status and Prospects
Komol Singha and Rohi Choudhary: Economics of Paddy Processing Sector in India: An Assessment
Hari Om Sharma and Deepak Rathi: An Economic Analysis of Chickpea and its Value Added Products in Agri Export Zone for Pulses in Madhya Pradesh
Bharati Gogoi: Economics of Commercial Silk Weavers of Assam
D.K. Grover and Sanjay Kumar : Economics of Production, Processing, and Marketing of Fodder Crops in Selected States of India
Section IV: Incentives, Agricultural prices, and Food Security
Nilabja Ghosh: Food Policy Transition in India
M.L. Sharma, C.S. Vaidya, and N.K. Sharma: Food Insecurity and Vulnerability: A Study of Agricultural Sector in Himachal Pradesh
Brajesh Jha: Public Policies and Sustainable Agricultural Development: A Case Study of Commercialized Agriculture
D.K. Grover, J.M.Singh, Jasdev Singh, and Sanjay Kumar: Impact of Diesel/Power Subsidy Withdrawal on Production Cost of Important Crops in Punjab
Parmod Kumar: Impact of MGNREGA on Wage Rate Food Security and Rural Urban Migration
M.J. Bhende and P. Thippaiah : An Evaluation Study of Prime Minister's Rehabilitation Package for Farmers in Suicide-prone Districts of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Maharashtra
Section V: Constraints and Emerging Solutions
P.C. Bodh: Pro-Poor Policy Contemplation
Nilabja Ghosh: Climate Change and Indian Agriculture: A Review
Elumalai Kannan: Determinants of Stagnation in Productivity of Important Crops in India
Brajesh Jha: Agriculture Diversification in India
Komol Singha: Macro Management of Agriculture Scheme in India: An Assessment
Nilabja Ghosh,Yogesh C. Bhatt, and S.S. Yadav: What Restrains Demand for Crop Insurance in India
Debanshu Majumder, Debajit Roy, and Ranjan Kumar Biswas: End-term Evaluation Study in Respect of the Implementation of Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India (BGREI) Programme
D. Kumara Charyulu and Subho Biswas: Organic Input Production and Marketing in India: Efficiency, Issues, and Policies
Ranjan Kumar Biswas, Debanshu Majumder, and Ashok Sinha: Impacts and Constraints of Organic Farming in West Bengal
Brajesh Jha: Rural Diversification in India
K.C. Talukdar: Jhum Cycle and Current Situation of Jhum Cultivation
Runjun Savapandit: Participation of Plains Tribal Women in Non-agricultural Development Activities