Insect Behavior: From Mechanisms to Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences

ISBN : 9780198797500

Alex Cordoba-Aguilar; Daniel Gonzalez-Tokman; Isaac Gonzalez-Santoyo
448 ページ
189 x 246 mm

This edited volume offers a new approach that will provide readers with the theoretical and conceptual foundations, at different hierarchical levels, to understand insect behavior.


John Alcock:
1 Daniel Gonzalez-Tokman, Isaac Gonzalez-Santoyo, and Alex Cordoba-Aguilar: Introduction
2 John Hunt, James Rapkin, and Clarissa House: The genetics of reproductive behavior in insects
3 Anne C. von Philipsborn: Neurobiology of insect behavior
4 H. Frederik Nijhout and Emily Laub: The role of hormones in insect behavior
5 Karen D. Williams and Marla B. Sokolowski: Phenotypic plasticity and insect behavior
6 Darrell J. Kemp: Habitat selection and territoriality
7 Don R. Reynolds and Jason W. Chapman: Long-range migration and orientation behavior
8 Stephen J. Simpson, Carlos Ribeiro, and Daniel Gonzalez-Tokman: Insect feeding behavior
9 Thomas N. Sherratt and Changku Kang: Anti-predator behavior
10 Bernard D. Roitberg: Chemical communication
11 James C. O'Hanlon, Thomas E. White, and Kate D.L. Umbers: Visual communication
12 Heiner Romer: Acoustic communication
13 Rachel Olzer, Rebecca L. Ehrlich, Justa L. Heinen-Kay, Jessie Tanner, and Marlene Zuk: Reproductive behavior
14 Glauco Machado and Stephen T. Trumbo: Parental care
15 Jennifer Fewell and Patrick Abbot: Insect sociality
16 Carl N. Keiser, James L.L. Lichtenstein, Colin M. Wright, Gregory T. Chism, and Jonathan N. Pruitt: Personality and behavioral syndromes in insects and spiders
17 Reuven Dukas: Insect cognition and learning
18 Pedro F. Vale, Jonathon A. Siva-Jothy, Andre Morrill, and Mark R. Forbes: The influence of parasites on insect behavior
19 Wolf U. Blanckenhorn: Behavioral, plastic, and evolutionary responses to a changing world
20 Sandra A. Allan: Behavior-based control of insect crop pests
21 Ana E. Gutierrez-Cabrera, Giovanni Benelli, Thomas Walker, Jose Antonio De Fuentes-Vicente, and Alex Cordoba-Aguilar: Behavior-based control of arthropod vectors: the case of mosquitoes, ticks and Chagasic bugs
22 Tim R. New: Insect behavior in conservation


Alex Cordoba-Aguilar completed his PhD at Sheffield University and has been a researcher at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico since 2003. ; Daniel Gonzalez-Tokman did his doctoral studies at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and has been a researcher at the Instituto de Ecologia, A. C. since 2015. ; Isaac Gonzalez-Santoyo did his doctoral studies at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and has been a lecturer in the same university since 2015.