Minority Studies (OIP): NA (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199487288

Rowena Robinson; Sujata Patel
336 ページ
171 x 246 mm

In India, the minority logic has been inherited from the Independence struggle and Partition history, and ratified by provisions in favour of minorities in the Constitution. Yet, the process of minority identity formation at the ground level, and the complex and changing dynamics of state and legal institutions in these constructions, is worthy of closer analysis. How does modern law create and condition minority identity? How do groups manipulate and project a certain identity? What is the relation of caste, gender, or ethnic associations with minority identity? What happens when a group considered part of the majority demands minority status? The current discourse on minorities in India is just beginning to explore these intriguing questions. Minority Studies, the first volume in the new series brings together a group of scholars across disciplinary boundaries to tackle a host of core issues related to the identification, definition, and categorization of religious minorities, foregr


Acknowledgements Introduction, Rowena Robinson 1. India and the Concept of a Multinational Federation, Michel Seymour 2. Making Minority Identities: Gender, State, and Muslim Personal Law, Rina Verma Williams 3. Scheduled Castes, Christians, and Muslims: The Politics of Macro-majorities and Micro-minorities, Laura Dudley Jenkins 4. Representing the 'Minority', Farhana Ibrahim 5. Buddhists: The Political Dynamics of Conversion and Caste, Joseph M.T. 6. Christian and Tribal: The Dynamics of Scheduled Tribe Status in the Field, Joseph Marianus Kujur 7. Minorities and the Politics of Conversion: With Special Attention to Indian Christianity, Chad M. Bauman and Richard F. Young 8. The Parsi Minority: Ethics and the Spirit of Indian Modernity, Murzban Jal 9. The Curious Case of the Ramakrishna Mission: The Politics of Minority Identity, Sipra Mukherjee 10. Sikh Minority Identity Formation: Nation and Politics in Post-colonial India, Natasha Behl 11. From Inclusive to Exclusive:
Changing Ingredients of Muslim Identity in Bombay Cinema, Yousuf Saeed 12. The Violence of Security: Hindutva's Lethal Imaginaries, Dibyesh Anand Notes on Contributors


Rowena Robinson is Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.