Creative Teamwork: Developing Rapid, Site-Switching Ethnography

ISBN : 9780190862268

Pat Armstrong; Ruth Lowndes
224 ページ
156 x 235 mm

Creative Team Work describes a new way of doing rapid ethnography to capture the rich complexity and contradictions of social relations. It is about the imagination, stimulation, and reflection that can come with international, interdisciplinary teams sharing the development, application, analysis, and dissemination of research.


Pat Armstrong
Chapter 1: Theory Matters
Pat Armstrong and Hugh Armstrong
Chapter 2: Administrative Matters
Pat Armstrong and Wendy Winters
Chapter 3: Ethics as Teamwork
Susan Braedley
Chapter 4: Organizing Site Visits: Methodological Considerations
Martha MacDonald
Chapter 5: Feminist Political Economy and Flexible Team Interviewing
Tamara Daly and Ruth Lowndes
Chapter 6: Fieldnotes: Individual Versus Team-Based Rapid Ethnography
Ruth Lowndes, Palle Storm, and Marta Szebehely
Chapter 7: Different Eyes: An RN/Sociologist and an Historian Invite You on a Tour of Our Fieldnotes
Jacqueline Choiniere and James Struthers
Chapter 8: New to Long-Term Residential Care: Using Reflexivity to Navigate Research Tensions as Student Novice Ethnographers
Krystal Kehoe MacLeod, Suzanne Day, and Sandra Smele
Chapter 9: Snap-Happy? The Promise and Problems of Photovoice
Ruth Lowndes and Susan Braedley
Chapter 10: Telling Stories: Literary Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Team Research
Sally Chivers and Derek Newman-Stille
Chapter 11: Rapid Ethnography and a Knowledge Translation Project: Benefits from Bookettes
Donna Baines and Rachel Gnanayutham
Chapter 12: Threading the Strands: Tensions and Possibilities of Team-Based Rapid Ethnography
Pat Armstrong


Pat Armstrong, PhD, MA, is Professor of Sociology and of Women's Studies at York University, Toronto. She held a Canada Health Services Research Foundation/Canadian Institute of Health Research Chair in Health Services, is a Distinguished Research Professor in Sociology and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Focusing on the fields of social policy, of women, work, feminist theory and the health and social services, she has published widely, co-authoring more than a dozen books and co-editing another dozen. For over a decade, she was Chair of Women and Health Care Reform, a group funded by Health Canada, Her current research is focused on reimagining long-term residential care, a Major Collaborative Research Project funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.; Ruth Lowndes, DPhil, MN, is currently engaged full time in the Re-magining Long-term Residential Care: An International Study of Promising Practices MCRI. Ruth's doctoral ethnographical study used observation and interviewing, methods which extend into this current project. She is also registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario and is a Certified Diabetes Educator.