The Oxford Handbook of Advice

ISBN : 9780190630188

Erina L. MacGeorge; Lyn Van Swol
464 ページ
171 x 248 mm
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The Oxford Handbook of Advice systematically reviews and synthesizes theory and research on advice from multiple disciplines, including communication, psychology, applied linguistics, business, law, and medicine. Incorporating both basic and applied scholarship, chapters emphasize theoretical and methodological integration between disciplines and empirical guidance for improving the practice of advising.


1. Advice across Disciplines and Contexts
Erina MacGeorge
Lyn M. Van Swol
Part I: Theory and Method
2. Advice Recipients: The Psychology of Advice Utilization
Lyn M. Van Swol
Jihyun Esther Paik
Andrew Prahl
3. Advisors: The Psychology of Advising
Hayley Blunden
Francesca Gino
4. Advice Messages and Interactions
Lisa Guntzviller
5. Advice in Intimate Relationships
Sara Branch
Elizabeth Dorrance Hall
6. Advice in Groups and Networks
Lyn M. Van Swol
Andrew Prahl
Part II: Contexts and Applications
7. Advice in Families
Cassandra Carlson
8. Advice Giving and Advice Resistance on Telephone Helplines
Alexa Hepburn
Chloe Shaw
Jonathan Potter
9. Advice-Giving in Psychotherapy
Changming Duan
Sarah Knox
Clara Hill
10. Advice from Healthcare Professionals
Jonathan D'Angelo
Anne-Lise D'Angelo, M.D.
11. Advice in Education
Hansun Waring
Gahye Song
12. Advice in Mentoring Relationships in Organizations
Do-Yeong Kim
Sujin Son
13. Advice in the Workplace
Silvia Bonaccio
Jihyun Esther Paik
14. Advice in the Lawyer-Client Relationship
Michael McGinniss
15. Business Advice: A Demonstrability Perspective
Bryan L. Bonner
Nathan L. Meikle
Kristin Bain
Daniel Shannahan
16. Advice in Government and Policy-Making
Jeswald Salacuse
17. Word of Mouth Marketing
Jill Sweeney
18. Advice Communication in Cyberspace
Bo Feng
Xun Zhu
Yining Zhou Malloch
19. Advice Across Cultures
Bo Feng
Hairong Feng
20. Reflections on Advice and the Ethics of Communication
Stephen Browne
21. Advice-Communication with Consequence
Erina MacGeorge
Lyn M. Van Swol


Erina L. MacGeorge is an associate professor in Communication Arts and Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. Her research addresses social support and social influence, with a particular focus on advice, and includes the development of advice response theory, which explains advice outcomes for recipients as a function of message, advisor, situation, and recipient characteristics.; Lyn Van Swol is a professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Communication Arts department. Her research examines acceptance of information in social interactions, more specifically: information sharing and influence in group decision-making, utilization of advice, and deception in negotiations.