Theologically Engaged Anthropology: Social Anthropology and Theology in Conversation

ISBN : 9780198797852

J. Derrick Lemons
432 ページ
156 x 234 mm

An edited collection focusing on the theological history of anthropology. It discusses deeply-held theological assumptions that humans make about the nature of reality and illustrates how these assumptions manifest themselves in society.


List of Contributors
J. Derrick Lemons: Introduction: Theologically Engaged Anthropology
1 J. Derrick Lemons: New Insights from an Old Dialog Partner
2 Brian M. Howell: Which Theology for Anthropology? Types of Theology for Anthropological Engagement
3 Timothy Larsen and Daniel J. King: The Dependence of Sociocultural Anthropology on Theological Anthropology
4 Khaled Furani: Theology Revealing the Hajibs of Anthropology
5 Paul Kollman: What Can Theology Contribute to Cultural Anthropology?
6 Timothy Jenkins: Theology's Contribution to Anthropological Understanding in T. M. Luhrmann's When God Talks Back
7 Alister E. McGrath: Narratives of Significance: Reflections on the Engagement of Anthropology and Christian Theology
8 James S. Bielo: An Anthropologist Is Listening: A Reply to Ethnographic Theology
9 Jon Bialecki: Anthropology, Theology, and the Problem of Incommensurability
10 Nicholas Adams: Superstition and Enlightenment: Engagements Between Theology and Anthropology
11 Douglas J. Davies: Anthropology and Theology: Fugues of Thought and Action
12 Michael A. Rynkiewich: Athens Engaging Jerusalem
13 Joel Robbins: World Christianity and the Reorganization of Disciplines: On the Emerging Dialogue between Anthropology and Theology
14 Fenella Cannell: Latter-Day Saints and the Problem of Theology
15 Naomi Haynes: Theology on the Ground
16 Francis X. Clooney, SJ: Comparative Theology: Writing Between Worlds of Meaning
17 Martyn Percy: Passionate Coolness: Exploring Mood and Character in a Local Rural Anglican Church
18 Joseph Webster: The Exclusive Brethren Doctrine of Separation: An Anthropology of Theology
19 Don Seeman: Divinity Inhabits the Social: Ethnography in a Phenomenological Key
20 Sarah Coakely and Joel Robbins: Anthropological and Theological Responses to Theologically Engaged Anthropology


Derrick Lemons is an Assistant Professor of Religion at the University of Georgia.