Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology: Social, Ecological, and Cultural Perspectives

ISBN : 9780190492908

Ayse K. UEskul; Shigehiro Oishi
400 ページ
164 x 241 mm

This volume contains a collection of contributions that showcases a variety of approaches to the study of the role of the economic environment in human psychological processes, such as: judgment and decision-making, trust, the self, and happiness. It brings together state-of-the-art research on this topic from psychology, anthropology, economics, epidemiology, and evolutionary science.


Ayse K. Uskul and Shigehori Oishi
Section 1: Ecology and Economic Activity
1. Ecocultural Perspective on Human Behavior
John W. Berry
2. The Role of Economic Culture in Social Interdependence: Consequences for Cognitive Style and Social Exclusion Experiences
Ayse K. Uskul and Harriet Over
3. How Rice Farming Shaped Culture in Southern China
Thomas Talhelm and Shigehiro Oishi
4. Rationally Irrational?: The Ecologies and Economics of Honor
Dov Cohen, Ivan Hernandez, Karl Gruschow, Andrzej Nowak, Michele J. Gelfand, and Wojciech Borkowski
Section 2: Socioeconomic Status and Inequality
5. Decision-Making Up Against the Wall: A Framework for Understanding the Behavioral Dimension of Low Socioeconomic Status
Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington
6. Socioeconomic Inequality in Health: Individual- and Area-Level Measures of Socioeconomic Position
Nicos Middleton, Panayiota Ellina, George Zannoupas, Demetris Lamnisos, and Christiana Kouta
7. Socioeconomic Cultures: How Education Shapes the Self
Rebecca Carey and Lucy Zhang Bencharit
8. Context Shapes Human Development: Studies from Turkey
Cigdem Kagitcibasi and Zeynep Cemalcilar
Section 3: Economic Conditions
9. Economics of Subjective Well-Being: Evaluating the Evidence for the Easterlin Paradox
Anke C. Plagnol and Lucia Macchia
10. Economic Shifts and Cultural Changes in Individualism: A Cross-Temporal Perspective
Yuji Ogihara
11. Dynamics of Culture Change and Cultural Stability Among the Shuar of Ecuador
H. Clark Barrett
Section 4: Ecological and Economic Threat
12. Economic Conditions Cue Evolutionary Challenges: When a Recession is More Than Just a Recession
Jeff Gassen and Sarah E. Hill
13. Disasters, Insurance, and Preferences
Yasuyuki Sawada


Ayse K. Uskul is Professor of Social Psychology at the School of Psychology, University of Kent, UK. Her current research is organized around two major themes: socio-economic basis of interdependence and cultural conceptions of honour.; Shigehiro Oishi is Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia. His research centers on culture, social ecology, and happiness.