The Faltering State: Pakistan's Internal Security Landscape

ISBN : 9780199404582

Trariq Khosa
440 ページ
138 x 216 mm

This book reviews the recent internal security challenges facing Pakistan. It is a timely and valuable addition to the literature on the subject of governance and the rule of law.


Introduction: What I Live For
Part 1: Internal Security Challenges
Starting Second Innings
Sindh Steps Back into the Nineteenth Century
Balochistan Blindly Follows Sindh
Balochistan on the Edge of a Precipice
The NRO Saga
Blueprint for Balochistan
Threat at our Doorstep
The Sectarian Menace
Internal Security Challenges
Counterterrorism Strategy
Ballot or the Bullet
The Monster Unleashed
Part 2: Caught in the Muddle
Mandate for Governance
Dialogue with the Taliban
The Deep State
Investing in Justice
Reforming the Police
The Drug Menace Continues
Who will Police the Police?
Double Impact
Caught in the Muddle
A Lethal Nexus
Stronger Response Needed
Crucial to Justice
The Need to Rethink Policing
Broken Paths
Elusive Prison Reforms
Counterterrorism Confusion
Part 3: All is Not Well
Death of a Fighter
The Faltering State
All About Our Future
Roadmap to Internal Security
Policing Urban Violence
Instant 'Justice'
All is Not Well
Not the Whole Truth
Model Town Fiasco
Follies of a Desperate Lot
Police Restructuring
Caught in the Crossfire
Waging War
Civil-Military Imbalance
Dangerous Truths
The General's Pledge
Part 4: Grapes of Wrath
Counterterrorism National Action Plan
Terrorism in 2014
Destroying the Snake Pit
The Oil Imbroglio
Grapes of Wrath
The Courage to Say 'No'
Good Morning'
Solving Murder Mysteries
National Inaction Plan
Not a Perfect World
Benazir Murder Mystery
Mumbai Attacks Trial
Policing: Challenges and Lessons
The Golden Rule
Police Reforms Agenda
The Miasma of Hate
The Balochistan Saga
Shame Indeed
Power of the Establishment
Power without Principles
Violent Extremism in Society
Cancer of Corruption
Sleeping on the Job
The Power of the State
Between the Devil and the Deep State
Epilogue: Wake up Pakistan


Tariq Khosa graduated from the National Defence University, Islamabad. He completed his Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies in 2005 and was a Hubert Humphrey Fellow under the Fulbright Exchange Program at the Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Washington, Seattle in 1987-88. The author began his career in public service in 1973 and has since remained involved in law enforcement. He had the distinction of serving as the Police Chief of Balochistan in 2007 and brought the entire province under police jurisdiction. His assignment as Federal Secretary of Narcotics Control Division (2010-11) placed him at the pinnacle of government service in Pakistan. Moreover, he was co-chair of the Governance Committee of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Country Programme (2010-14). He also served as Director General Federal Investigation Agency in 2009.