Perceptual Ephemera

ISBN : 9780198722304

Thomas Crowther; Clare Mac Cumhaill
384 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Most research on perception has focussed on the perceptual experience of three-dimensional, solid, bounded, and coherent material objects - items like tables and tomatoes. But as well as having perceptual experience of such objects, we also experience such aspects of the world as, for instance, rainbows and surfaces, shadows and absences: things that are ephemeral by contrast with material objects. This book presents fifteen new essays on the perceptual experience of such ephemera. The editors' introduction provides a detailed guide to the topic as a whole, setting out the thematic background to this emerging area of research in contemporary philosophy of perception. The volume winds a path through the ephemeral, considering such topics as sounds, smells, transparency, reflection, camouflage, solidity, and ambient vision. A general aim of the volume is to make a case that the broad range of ephemera it catalogues are far from marginal, or insubstantial with respect to their philosophica


1 Thomas Crowther and Clare Mac Cumhaill: A Tour of the Ephemeral
2 Matthew Soteriou: Sounds and Illusion
3 Matthew Nudds: The Unitary Nature of Sounds
4 Cain Todd: Representation and Ephemerality in Olfaction
5 Louise Richardson: Odours as Olfactibilia
6 Roy Sorensen: Spectacular Absences: A Companion Guide
7 Anna Farennikova: Disappearances
8 Roberto Casati: Shadows, Objects and the Lexicon
9 Ian Phillips: No More than Meets the Eye: Shadows as Pure Visibilia
10 Thomas Raleigh: On Silhouettes, Surfaces and Sorensen
11 Mark Eli Kalderon: Aristotle on Transparency
12 Vivian Mizrahi: Perceptual Media, Glass and Mirrors
13 Thomas Crowther: In Touch with the Look of Solidity
14 Clare Mac Cumhaill: Nonsense and Visual Evanescence
15 Mohan Matthen: Ephemeral Vision


Thomas Crowther is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick. His research interests are in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. His work mainly focuses on temporal ontology and the temporal aspects of experience.; Clare Mac Cumhaill is Lecturer in Philosophy at Durham University. Her research interests are in perception, action, emotion and aesthetics, with a special focus on space, spatial properties, and structural explanation more generally.