Beyond Semantics and Pragmatics

ISBN : 9780198791492

Gerhard Preyer
320 ページ
156 x 234 mm

The study of meaning in language embraces a diverse range of problems and methods. Philosophers think through the relationship between language and the world; linguists document speakers' knowledge of meaning; psychologists investigate the mechanisms of understanding and production. Up through the early 2000s, these investigations were generally compartmentalized: indeed, researchers often regarded both the subject-matter and the methods of other disciplines with skepticism. Since then, however, there has been a sea change in the field, enabling researchers increasingly to synthesize the perspectives of philosophy, linguistics, and psychology. The time is right for a broader exploration and reflection on the status and problems of semantics as an interdisciplinary enterprise, in light of a decade of challenging and successful research in this area. This book aims to reconcile different methodological perspectives while refocusing semanticists on new problems where integrative work will


Gerhard Preyer: Introduction
Part I: Explaining Pragmatic Phenomena
1 Robert J. Stainton and Christopher Viger: Two Questions about Interpretative Effects
2 Kent Bach: Exaggeration and Invention
3 Wayne A. Davis: Calculability, Convention, and Conversational Implicature
4 Adam Sennet: Presupposition Triggering and Disambiguation
5 Una Stojnic: Discourse, Context and Coherence: The Grammar of Prominence
6 William B. Starr: Socializing Pragmatics
Part II: Intentions and the Limits of Meaning
7 Jessica Keiser: Varieties of Intentionalism
8 Mitchell Green: Showing, Expressing, and Figuratively Meaning
9 Madeleine Arseneault: Taking Perspective
10 Claudia Bianchi: Perspectives and Slurs
Part III: Cognitive Science Connections
11 Roberto G. de Almeida: Composing Meaning and Thinking
12 Michael Glanzberg: About Convention and Grammar
13 Andrew Kehler and Jonathan Cohen: On Convention and Coherence
14 Mandy Simons: Convention, Intention, and the Conversational Record
Part IV: New Frontiers in Semantics
15 Ernest Lepore and Matthew Stone: Issues for Meaning: Conventions, Intentions, and Coherence


Gerhard Preyer is Professor of Sociology at the Goethe-Universitat, Frankfurt am Main. he is editor of the journal Protosociology, and of several books, including Contextualism in Philosophy (with Georg Peter, 2005), Logical Form and Language (2002, with Georg Peter), Context-Sensitivity and Semantic Minimalism (2007, with Georg Peter), and Donald Davidson on Truth, Meaning, and the Mental (2012), all published by Oxford University Press.