Teaching and Learning: Building Effective Pedagogies

ISBN : 9780195529067

Jennifer Howell
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Teaching and Learning: Building Effective Pedagogies introduces pre-service teachers to the principles of teaching across the early childhood, primary and middle years of school. The book guides students to gradually build theoretical knowledge and practical skills to prepare for their classroom experience. It covers the journey to becoming a teacher - the process and pedagogies needed to meet the diverse needs of students, comprehensive coverage of the phases of learning and development and explores the wider contexts of school culture, professional responsibilities and the transition from pre-service to practice. Key featuresIncorporates educational psychology and the phases of learning and development, theories and framework within teaching methodologyFull of practical exercises, practicum tasks, phase-specific learning activities and teaching tips to help pre-service teachers develop key knowledge and prepare for classroom practice'In schools' case studies and personal accounts from practising and pre-service teachers provide insight into contemporary teaching experiencesCritical Signposts boxes throughout encourage discussion and critical reflection around key topics in teacher education


PART 1: THE BEGINNING TEACHER1. The Process of Becoming a TeacherBecoming a teacher: Theory and practiceTheoretical knowledge informing practicePractical experience consolidating theoretical understandingsPutting it all together: The journey of becoming a teacherWhat constitutes an 'effective' teacher?2. Developing Effective PedagogiesEffective pedagogiesLesson objectivesTypes of lessonsPhases of instructionPutting it all togetherMatching teaching strategies with learner needsPART 2: UNDERSTANDING THE PHASES OF LEARNING3. Physical DevelopmentDevelopmentThe brainThe bodyMotor development4. Cognitive DevelopmentWhat is cognitive development?How does play fit into development?Language development5. Psychosocial DevelopmentUnderstanding ourselvesStages of psychosocial developmentEmotional developmentMoral developmentUnderstanding othersTransitionsBeing at riskResilience6. Behavioural Views on DevelopmentBehavioural learning approachesApplied behaviour analysis7. Learner DifferenceUnderstanding learner differencesIntelligenceDisabilities and disordersLearner differences: Legal requirements for schoolsInclusionPART 3: THE PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE TEACHING8. Understanding the Curriculum ContextWhat is a curriculum?Curriculum guidelines9. Understanding Your StudentsThe sociology of educationThe complexity of classroomsMotivation and engagementDiversityInclusionGenderHow to meet the needs of all learners10. Becoming an Effective CommunicatorEffective communicationModels of communicationClassroom communicationInterpersonal communicationCommunication strategiesInstructional strategies and communication11. Managing Your ClassroomDiscipline, behaviour management and classroom managementWhat is misbehaviour?Classroom management: Prevention and correctionSchool-wide approachesTheoretical approaches to classroom managementUseful classroom strategiesDeveloping a classroom management plan12. Planning for Effective Teaching and LearningPlanning: An overviewLesson plansTaxonomies to help with planningLesson structureAssessing the lessonPlanning beyond the lessonInfluences on planning13. Assessment and ReportingThe principles of assessmentReportingRecord keepingPART 4: THE PROFESSIONAL TEACHER14. Identity, Schools and School CultureTypes of schools in AustraliaSchool cultureTeachers and the systems we work withinThe phases of teachingBecoming beginning teachers15. The Ethical PractitionerEthical and legal responsibilitiesThe rights of teachers and studentsThe teaching of values and moralsChildren at risk16. The Education ProfessionProfessional standardsThe current policy agenda in AustraliaInternational policy and its influence on AustraliaGlossaryBibliographyIndex


Dr Jennifer Howell is a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University. In recent years, Dr Howell's research has focused on different ICTs and how they can be used to enhance learning.