Hobbes on Politics and Religion

ISBN : 9780198803409

Laurens van Apeldoorn; Robin Douglass
336 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Thomas Hobbes is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of political philosophy. Yet a great deal of his political thought was motivated by the need to address problems of a distinctively religious nature. This is the first collection of essays dedicated to the complex and rich intersections between Hobbes's political and religious thought. The volume contains fifteen originally commissioned essays by leading Hobbes scholars, all of which open up new directions for thinking about the relationship between politics and religion in Hobbes. This volume will be of interest to advanced students and scholars of Hobbes, in particular, and to those interested in the place of religion in the history of modern political thought more generally.


Laurens van Apeldoorn and Robin Douglass: Introduction
1 Johan Olsthoorn: The Theocratic Leviathan: Hobbes's Arguments for the Identity of Church and State
2 A. P. Martinich: Natural Sovereignty and Omnipotence in Hobbes's Leviathan
3 Teresa M. Bejan: First Impressions: Hobbes on Religion, Education, and the Metaphor of Imprinting
4 Franck Lessay: Tolerance as a Dimension of Hobbes's Absolutism
5 Alexandra Chadwick: Hobbes on the Motives of Martyrs
6 Alan Cromartie: Hobbes, Calvinism, and Determinism
7 Alison McQueen: Mosaic Leviathan: Religion and Rhetoric in Hobbes's Political Thought
8 Paul B. Davis: Devil in the Details: Hobbes's Use and Abuse of Scripture
9 Patricia Springborg: The Politics of Hobbes's Historia Ecclesiastica
10 Glen Newey: A Profile in Cowardice? Hobbes, Personation, and the Trinity
11 Jon Parkin: Hobbes and the Future of Religion
12 Elad Carmel: Hobbes and Early English Deism
13 Jeffrey Collins: All the Wars of Christendom: Hobbes's Account of Religious Conflict
14 Daniel Eggers: Religious Conflict and Moral Consensus: Hobbes, Rawls, and Two Types of Moral Justification
15 S. A. Lloyd: Hobbes on the Duty Not to Act on Conscience


Laurens van Apeldoorn is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and a member of the Centre for Political Philosophy at Leiden University, the Netherlands. He has held visiting appointments at the University of Toronto, the University of Montreal, King's College London, and the University of Leuven. His research has appeared in journals including Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie, History of European Ideas, and Hobbes Studies.; Robin Douglass is Senior Lecturer in Political Theory in the Department of Political Economy, King's College London. Before arriving at King's, he studied at the Universities of York and Exeter. His research focuses on seventeenth- and eighteenth- century political philosophy. He is the author of Rousseau and Hobbes: Nature, Free Will, and the Passions (2015) and has recently published articles in journals including the American Journal of Political Science, History of Political Thought, European Journal of Political Theory, and The Review of Politics.