Music and Music Education in People's Lives: An Oxford Handbook of Music Education, Volume 1

ISBN : 9780190674434

Gary E. McPherson; Graham F. Welch
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171 x 248 mm
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Music and Music Education in People's Lives provides a broad framework for understanding the content and context of music education, examining the philosophical, psychological, cultural, international, and contextual issues that underpin a wide variety of teaching environments or individual attributes. As a whole, the volume explores how the discipline of music education can achieve even greater political, theoretical and professional strength.


Part 1
Music Education and the Role of Music in People's Lives
Part Editor: Gary E. McPherson and Graham F. Welch
Chapter 1. Introduction and commentary: Music education and the role of music in people's lives
Graham F. Welch and Gary E. McPherson
Chapter 2. Music's place in education
Wayne Bowman
Chapter 3. International perspectives
Marie McCarthy
Chapter 4. Music Education Philosophy
David J. Elliott
Chapter 5. Cultural diversity: Beyond 'songs from every land'
Huib Schippers and Patricia Shehan Campbell
Chapter 6. Some contributions of ethnomusicology
Bruno Nettl
Chapter 7. Musical identities mediate musical development
David J. Hargreaves, Raymond MacDonald, and Dorothy Miell
Chapter 8. Supporting motivation in music education
James M. Renwick and Johnmarshall Reeve
Chapter 9. Becoming a music learner: Towards a theory of transformative
music engagement
Susan A. O'Neill
Chapter 10. Initiating music programs in new contexts: In search of a
democratic music education
Graca Mota and Sergio Figueiredo
Chapter 11. Implications of neurosciences and brain research for music
teaching and learning
Donald Hodges and Wilfried Gruhn
Part 2
Critical Reflections and Future Action
Part Editor: Gary E. McPherson and Graham F. Welch
Chapter 12. Commentary: Critical Reflections and Future Action
Gary E. McPherson and Graham F. Welch
Chapter 13. Politics, Policy, and Music Education
Hal Abeles
Chapter 14. Instrumental Teachers and Their Students: Who's in the Driver's Seat?
Nick Beach
Chapter 15. University Professors and the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Liora Bresler
Chapter 16. Pride and Professionalism in Music Education
Richard Colwell
Chapter 17. Pondering the Grand Experiment in Public Music Education
Robert A. Cutietta
Chapter 18. Music Education and Some of Its Subfields: Thoughts about Future Priorities
Lucy Green
Chapter 19. Music Education: An Unanswered Question
Wilfried Gruhn
Chapter 20. Improving Primary Teaching: Minding the Gap
Sarah Hennessy
Chapter 21. International Music Education: Setting Up a Global Information System
Liane Hentschke
Chapter 22. The Responsibility of Research in Defining the Profession of Music Education
Christopher M. Johnson
Chapter 23. Constructing Communities of Scholarship in Music Education
Estelle R. Jorgensen
Chapter 24. Internationalizing Music Education
Andreas C. Lehmann
Chapter 25. Emotion in Music Education
Richard Letts
Chapter 26. Music Education from a Slightly Outside Perspective
Hakan Lundstrom
Chapter 27. Research Issues in Personal Music Identification
Clifford K. Madsen
Chapter 28. Preparation, Perseverance, and Performance in Music: Views from a Program of Educational Psychology Research
Andrew J. Martin
Chapter 29. Music Therapy in Schools: An Expansion of Traditional Practice
Katrina McFerran
Chapter 30. Embracing New Digital Technologies: Now and into the Future
Bradley Merrick
Chapter 31. Challenges for Research and Practices of Music Education
Bengt Olsson
Chapter 32. All Theoried Up and Nowhere to Go
Bennett Reimer
Chapter 33. Make Research, Not War: Methodologies and Music Education Research
Wendy L. Sims
Chapter 34. The Preparation of Music Teacher Educators: A Critical Link
David J. Teachout
Chapter 35. Music and the Arts: As Ubiquitous and Fundamental as the Air We Breathe
Rena B. Upitis
Chapter 36. There Is Nothing Complex about a Correlation Coefficient
Peter R. Webster
Chapter 37. Dewey's Bastards: Music, Meaning, and Politics
Paul Woodford


Gary E. McPherson studied music education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, before completing a master of music education at Indiana University, a doctorate of philosophy at the University of Sydney, and a Licentiate and Fellowship in trumpet performance through Trinity College, London. He is the Ormond Professor and Director of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne, and has served as National President of the Australian Society for Music Education and President of the International Society for Music Education. His research interests are broad and his approach interdisciplinary. His most important research examines the acquisition and development of musical competence, and motivation to engage and participate in music from novice to expert levels. With a particular interest in the acquisition of visual, aural and creative performance skills he has attempted to understand more precisely how music students become sufficiently motivated and self-regulated to achieve ; Graham F. Welch holds the University College London (UCL) Institute of Education Established Chair of Music Education. He is elected Chair of the internationally based Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE), a former President of the International Society for Music Education (ISME), and past co-chair of the Research Commission of ISME. Current Visiting Professorships include the Universities of Queensland (Australia), Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and Liverpool (UK). He is an ex-member of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council's (AHRC) Review College for music and has been a specialist consultant for Government departments and agencies in the UK, Italy, Sweden, USA, Ukraine, UAE, South Africa and Argentina. Publications number over three hundred and fifty and embrace musical development and music education, teacher education, the psychology of music, singing and voice science, and music in special education and disability. Publications are in English, Spanish, Po