Health Humanities in Post-Graduate Medical Education

ISBN : 9780190849900

Allan D. Peterkin; Anna Skorzewska
360 ページ
140 x 216 mm

Arts and humanities education is widespread in undergraduate but almost non-existent in postgraduate medical education where it is arguably more helpful. This book fills that gap. It covers a wide range of arts and humanities including film, theatre, narrative, visual art, history, ethics and social sciences. It also touches on interprofessional education, research in the medical humanities and fundraising. It is not only a hands-on guide to creating arts- and humanities-base programming, but provides literature reviews and a theoretical discussion on each topic. Each chapter has appendices with lesson plans and resources.


Dedication & Acknowledgements
Arno K. Kumagai
1. Why Are the Health Humanities Relevant (and Vital) in Postgraduate Medical Education?
Allan Peterkin and Anna Skorzewska
2. Redirecting the clinical Gaze: Film as a Tool of Critical Reflection in Residency Training
Elysse Leonard and Michael Tau
3. Narrative Medicine in Postgraduate Medical Education: Practices, Principles, Paradoxes
Shannon Arntfield and Kathryn Hynes
4. Learning on the Job: Ethics in Postgraduate Medical Education
Chryssa McAlister, Mona Gypta, Carrie Bernard, Neda Ghiam, and Philip C. Hebert
5. The Visible Curriculum
Shelley Wall and Eva-Marie Stern
6. Teaching the Social Sciences in Residency
Zach Feilchenfeld, Ayelet Kupur, Farah Friesen, Amanda Chen, and Cynthia Whitehead
7. The Use of Theatre With Medical Residents: An Embodied Approach to Learning About Self and Other
L. J. Nelles, Peggy Hamilton, Paul Robert D'Allesandro, Sonia Anne Butterworth, Gerri Frager, Jeremy Rezmovitz, Lue Gao, Suvendrini Lena, and Anna Skorzewska
8. Inter-Professional Education
Sylvia Langlois and Karen Gold
9. Teaching History of Medicine/Healthcare
Edward Shorter
10. Difficult Conversations: Evaluating the Medical Humanities
Martina Kelly
11. How to Fund and Promote Arts-Based Initiatives in Postgraduate Medical Education
Robert Pierre Tomas
Craig Irvine
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Allan Peterkin is a Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at the University of Toronto, where he heads the Program in Health, Arts and Humanities and serves as Humanities Faculty Lead for undergraduate medical education and post-MD studies. He is the author of 14 books for adults and children, including Staying Human During Residency Training-How To Survive and Thrive After Medical School. Anna Skorzewska is a psychiatrist and an assistant professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. She runs a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and teaches extensively in both postgraduate and continuing professional development. She has an interest in the use of the arts and humanities in clinical practice and in medical education. She started a film program for psychiatric inpatients in collaboration with the Toronto International Film Festival. She has been the executive producer of a documentary film portrait of a psychiatric inpatient ward that was part of the official selection of the; big sky documentary film festival.