Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy VOL 3 Head, Neck and Brain (16th edition)

ISBN : 9780198749387

Rachel Koshi
432 ページ
195 x 265 mm

The new 16th edition of Cunningham's has been thoroughly revised for the modern-day anatomy student. The language has been simplified for easy understanding making this textbook ideal for students at undergraduate levels. Each dissection reflects current medical school teaching and is now broken down into clear step-by-step instructions. New learning features prepare students for the dissection lab, university examinations and clinical practice. Completely updated full colour artwork brings the friendly explanations to life. Following a logical structure, each chapter explains in a clear friendly manner the key knowledge expected of students. Improved diagrams with clear labelling and full colour illustrate key anatomical features bringing the text to life. Learning objectives introduce each dissection and clear step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow in the dissection lab. Throughout the book new clinical application boxes and radiology images explain how anatomy relat


Part 1 Head and Neck
1 Introduction to the head and neck
2 The cervical vertebrae
3 The skull
4 The scalp and face
5 The posterior triangle of the neck
6 The anterior triangle of the neck
7 The back
8 The cranial cavity
9 Deep dissection of neck
10 The prevertebral region
11 The orbit
12 The eyeball
13 Organs of hearing and equilibrium
14 The parotid region
15 The temple and infratemporal region
16 The submandibular region
17 The mouth and pharynx
18 The tongue
19 The cavity of the nose
20 The larynx
21 The contents of the vertebral canal
22 The joints of the neck
23 MCQs for Part 1: Head and neck
Part 2 The brain and spinal cord
24 Introduction to the brain and spinal cord
25 The meninges of the brain
26 The blood vessels of the brain
27 The spinal cord
28 The brain stem
29 The cerebellum
30 The diencephalon
31 The cerebrum
32 The ventricular system
33 MCQs for Part 2: brain and spinal cord
Part 3: Cross-sectional anatomy
34 Cross-sectional anatomy of the head and neck
Answers to MCQs


Rachel Koshi is Professor and Head of Department of Anatomy in Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Chittoor, India. She began her career in Anatomy in Christian Medical College, Vellore, India, where she taught Anatomy for more than 20 years and headed the Anatomy Department for eight years. Later she worked with Cornell University, New York, as Professor and Head of Anatomy in Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar for nine years, before returning to India and taking up her current post at Apollo. In the past she has served as an expert reviewer for Grays Anatomy, Grays Anatomy for Students, and Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank Netter.