Rivers of Ink

ISBN : 9780199406623

Claire Chambers
412 ページ
138 x 216 mm

Claire Chambers explores global literature, with a special focus on texts from Pakistan and its diaspora. Highlighting its quality and urgency, and authors' bold treatment of hot topics like Islamophobia, racism, and the culture industry, Chambers formulates a strong case for drawing this writing into the mainstream English canon and analyses emerging as well as established writers working in various genres.


I: Play on Words
1. Writing Beyond Borders
2. Postcolonial Lives
3. 'To Love the Moor': Postcolonial Artists Write Back to Shakespeare's Othello
4. The Princess and the Priest: Richard Dawkins' Attack on Fairy Tales
5. Journalists in Fiction and Reality
II: Pakistan's Cities and Regions
6. The Baloch Who Is Missing: Representations of Balochistan in Anglophone Prose
7. Holy Women, Waderas, and 'Weapons of the Weak': Sindh in Contemporary Women's Writing
8. 'Lahore Lahore Hai': Bapsi Sidhwa and Mohsin Hamid's Urban Fiction
9. Literary Peshawar: From Kipling to the Present Day
10. On a Hair Trigger: Images of Kashmir in Literature
11. Isloo and Pindi on Page and Screen
III: Human Rights and Inhuman Wrongs
12. Torturing the 'Other': Who is the Barbarian?
13. Culture and the Arab Spring
14. Advocacy Without Footnotes: Pakistani Cultural Production and Human Rights
15. The Ugly Face of Attacks: Facing Up to Acid Violence in South Asian Writing
16. 'The Reality and the Record': Muslim Refugee Stories
IV: Muslims, Islamophobia, and Racism in Britain
17. We Are Here Because You Were There
18. Early Twentieth-Century Muslim Women's Travel Accounts of Britain
19. Disorientation as Loss of the East: Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall's Fiction
20. From 'England-Returned' to 'Myth of Return' to the Point of No Return
21. Islamophobia: Orwellian 'Newspeak' or Racially Inflected Hatred?
22. 'Colour-Blind' Nigel Farage Lives in a White-Washed World
23. Freedom as Floating or Falling
24. Writing Muslim Lives
25. Who Do YA Think You're Representing? Diversity in Young Adult Fiction
26. Laughing At Ourselves
27. Banglaphone Fiction: British Sylhetis in Writing by Londoni Authors
28. In Praise of the Chapaterati
29. Boris Johnson Lights Out for Virgin Territory
30. Fight the Bannonality of Evil
V: Education, Theory, and the Creative Industries
31. A Fanonian Summer
32. Edward Said's Orientalism: Its Influence and Legacy
33. The Barbarians Are at the Gate: On Self-Construction and the 'Other'
34. Who's Saving Whom?: Postcolonialism and Feminism
35. Festal or Fecal?: The Global Literary Festival
36. The State We're In: Global Higher Education


Dr Claire Chambers is a well-known writer and literary critic. Her research focuses on modern literature from South Asia, the Arab world, and their diasporas. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Global Literature at the University of York, UK. Her publications include Britain Through Muslim Eyes: Literary Representations, 1780-1989 (2015) and British Muslim Fictions: Interviews with Contemporary Writers (2011). She is editor (with Dr Rachael Gilmour) of the Journal of Commonwealth Literature, and writes a regular literary column for the Dawn newspaper.