Philosophy and the Historical Perspective

ISBN : 9780197266298

Marcel van Ackeren
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156 x 234 mm
Proceedings of the British Academy

Does historical perspective contribute to today's philosophy? If so, what is the contribution of this perspective, and how does relating it to current philosophy bring this contribution about? Since the rise of analytical philosophy, debates on historical perspective have intensified and widened in scope. In Philosophy and the Historical Perspective, these questions, and more, are answered via a range of philosophical strands, topics and debates. Based on the hope that philosophical debates could benefit from taking methodological and meta-philosophical questions into account, the volume concerns the historical perspective of current philosophical debates and as a result, the methods and nature of philosophy. With contributions from leading experts, Philosophy and the Historical Perspective encompasses the history of philosophy, its sub-disciplines, and approaches and proposes that such questions deserve to be addressed in their own right, not just as an adjunct to o


Marcel van Ackeren: Introduction
1 Hans-Johann Glock: What Have the Historians Ever Done for Us?
2 John Marenbon: Why We Need a Real History of Philosophy
3 Thomas Grundmann: Progress and Historical Reflection in Philosophy
4 Marcel van Ackeren: Philosophy and the Historical Perspective: A New Debate on an Old Topic
5 Michael Della Rocca: Meaning, the History of Philosophy, and Analytical Philosophy: A Parmenidean Ascent
6 John Skorupski: Reason in History
7 Christof Rapp: The Liaison between Analytic and Ancient Philosophy and Its Consequences
8 Dominik Perler: The Alienation Effect in the Historiography of Philosophy
9 Christina van Dyke: What Has History to Do with Philosophy? Insights from the Medieval Contemplative Tradition
10 Robert Pippin: Hegel on the Political Significance of Collective Self-Deceit
11 Brian Leiter: The History of Philosophy Reveals that 'Great' Philosophy is disguised Moral Advocacy: A Nietzschean Case against the Socratic Canon in Philosophy
12 Martin Kusch: The Sociology of Philosophical Knowledge Revisited: Relativism, Skepticism, Reductionism
13 Ursula Renz: On Philosophical Problems: Some Remarks on an Old Battlefield
14 Lisa Maria Herzog: History as an Interdisciplinary Dialogue - the Case of Philosophy and Economics


Marcel van Ackeren is a Gerda Henkel Fellow (2017-2019) at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and Privatdozent at the University of Cologne, Germany. He studied philosophy and social sciences at Glasgow University and obtained his diploma in Political Theory from the University of Duisburg in 1996. After two years as visiting researcher in Oxford (1996-8), he obtained a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Bochum (2000). He did research in Cambridge (2017) and Berne (2003-5). From 2007 on, he was assistant professor in Cologne, where he obtained his postdoctoral qualification (Habilitation) in 2010. His current research focuses on methodology in philosophy, especially on the historical perspective, and on demandingness.