The Oxford Handbook of Material Culture Studies

ISBN : 9780198822554

Dan Hicks; Mary Carolyn Beaudry
792 ページ
170 x 244 mm
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The Oxford Handbook of Material Culture Studies introduces and reviews current thinking in the interdisciplinary field of material culture studies. Drawing together approaches from archaeology, anthropology, geography, and Science and Technology Studies, through twenty-eight specially commissioned essays by leading international researchers, the volume explores contemporary issues and debates in a series of themed sections - Disciplinary Perspectives, Material Practices, Objects and Humans, Landscapes and the Built Environment, and Studying Particular Things.


1 Dan Hicks & Mary C. Beaudry: Introduction
I. Disciplinary Perspectives
2 Dan Hicks: The Material-Cultural Turn
3 Ian Cook & Divya Tolia-Kelly: Material Geographies
4 Robert St George: Folklife
5 Ann Stahl: Material Histories
6 John Law: The Materials of STS
II. Material Practices
7 Andrew Pickering: Material Culture and the Dance of Agency
8 Michael Dietler: Consumption
9 Gavin Lucas: Fieldwork and Collecting
10 Hirokazu Miyazaki: Gifts and Exchange
11 Howard Morphy: Art as Action, Art as Evidence
12 Rosemary Joyce with Joshua Pollard: Archaeological Assemblages and Practices of Deposition
III. Objects and Humans
13 Kacy L. Hollenback & Michael B. Schiffer: Technology ande Material Life
14 Andy Jones & Nicole Boivin: The Malice of Inanimate Objects: Material Agency
15 Chris Fowler: `Personhood' and Identity
16 Zoe Crossland: Materiality and Embodiment
17 Tatyana Hulme: Material Culture in Primates
IV. Landscapes and the Built Environment
18 Lesley Head: Cultural Landscapes
19 Sarah Whatmore & Steve Hinchliffe: Ecological Landscapes
20 Roland Fletcher: Urban Materialities: Meaning, Magnitude, Friction, and Outcomes
21 Carl Lounsbury: Architecture and Cultural History
22 Victor Buchli: Households and `Home Cultures'
V. Studying Particular Things
23 Rodney Harrison: Stone Tools
24 Chandra Mukerji: The Landscape Garden as Material Culture: Lessons from France
25 Douglass W. Bailey & Lesley McFadyen: Built Objects
26 Carl Knappett, Lambros Malafouris & Peter Tomkins: Ceramics (as Containers)
27 Peter J. Pels: Magical Things: On Fetishes, Commodities, and Computers
Nigel Thrift: Afterword: Fings Ain't Wot They Used t'Be: Thinking Through Material Thinking as Placing and Arrangement


Dan Hicks is Associate Professor & Curator in Archaeology, School of Archaeology & Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. ; Mary C. Beaudry is Professor of Archaeology & Anthropology, Boston University.