Species Invasions: Insights into Ecology, Evolution, and Biogeography

ISBN : 9780878938117

John J. Stachowicz; Steven Gaines; Dov F. Sax
380 ページ
155 x 235 mm

Species invasions present significant conservation challenges, but they also provide invaluable information about the functioning of natural systems. In this edited book, experts from the fields of ecology, evolution, and biogeography explore the unique insights species invasions provide. Several key advances emerge in each discipline, and collectively they provide a template for new research that transforms invasion biology into a powerful tool for basic research in ecology, evolution, and biogeography.


Part I. Insights into Ecology
1. Insights into Biotic Interactions from Studies of Species Invasions, John F. Bruno, Jason D. Fridley, Keryn D. Bromberg, and Mark D. Bertness
2. Species Invasions and the Relationships between Species Diversity, Community Saturation, and Ecosystem Functioning, John J. Stachowicz and David Tilman
3. Plant Species Effects on Ecosystem Processes: Insights from Invasive Species, Carla M. D'Antonio and Sarah E. Hobbie
4. Biological Invasions and the Loss of Birds on Islands: Insights into the Idiosyncrasies of Extinction, Tim M. Blackburn and Kevin J. Gaston
5. The Role of Infectious Diseases in Natural Communities: What Introduced Species Tell Us, Kevin D. Lafferty, Katherine. F. Smith, Mark E. Torchin, Andy P. Dobson, and Armand M. Kuris
Part II. Insights into Evolution
6. Using Invasive Species to Study Evolution: Case Studies with Drosophila and Salmon, Raymond B. Huey, George W. Gilchrist, and Andrew P. Hendry
7. Taxon Cycles: Insights from Invasive Species, Robert E. Ricklefs
8. Genetic Bottlenecks in Alien Plant Species: Influence of Mating Systems and Introduction Dynamics, Stephen J. Novak and Richard N. Mack
9. Mechanisms That Drive Evolutionary Change: Insights from Species Introductions and Invasions, John P. Wares, A. Randall Hughes, and Richard K. Grosberg
10. Theories of Niche Conservatism and Evolution: Could Exotic Species Be Potential Tests? Robert D. Holt, Michael Barfield, and Richard Gomulkiewicz
11. Testing Fundamental Evolutionary Questions at Large Spatial and Demographic Scales: Species Invasions as an Underappreciated Tool, William R. Rice and Dov F. Sax
Part III. Insights into Biogeography
12. Invasion as Expectation: A Historical Fact of Life, Geerat J. Vermeij
13. Evolutionary Trajectories in Plant and Soil Microbial Communities: Centaurea Invasions and the Geographic Mosaic of Coevolution, Ragan M. Callaway, Jose L. Hierro, and Andrea S. Thorpe
14. Community Composition and Homogenization: Evenness and Abundance of Native and Exotic Plant Species, Michael L. McKinney and Julie L. Lockwood
15. Rates of Population Spread and Geographic Range Expansion: What Exotic Species Tell Us, Brian P. Kinlan and Alan Hastings
16. Distribution and Abundance: Scaling Patterns in Exotic and Native Bird Species, Fabio A. Labra, Sebastian R. Abades, and Pablo M. Marquet
17. The Dynamics of Species Invasions: Insights into the Mechanisms That Limit Species Diversity, Dov F. Sax, James H. Brown, Ethan P. White, and Steven D. Gaines
18. Capstone: Where Do We Go from Here? Dov F. Sax, John J. Stachowicz, and Steven D. Gaines


Dov F. Sax is Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Center for Environmental Studies at Brown University.; John J. Stachowicz is Professor of Evolution and Ecology and Director of the Center for Population Biology at the University of California, Davis.; Steven D. Gaines is Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology and Director of the Marine Science Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara.