Blackstone's Civil Practice 2018 (book and digital pack)

ISBN : 9780198817642

Stuart Sime (Course Director, Bar Professional Training Course, City University London); Derek French (Legal Writer)
3456 ページ
Multiple Copy Pack
171 x 246 mm

Blackstone's Civil Practice 2018 provides detailed commentary of unrivalled quality on the process of civil litigation. It is the only major civil work to adopt a narrative approach based on the chronology of a claim. Includes hardback book and digital pack.


Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of Rules, Practice Directions, Protocols, Other Secondary Legislation, and Court Guides
Procedural Checklists
A General Matters
B Funding Litigation
C Before Commencing a Claim
D Commencement
E Responding to a Claim
F Solicitors
G Statements of Case
H Interim Applications
I Case Management
J Evidence
K Discontinuance and Stays
L Trial
M Costs
N Alternative Dispute Resolution
O Appeals, Judicial Review and EU References
P Enforcement
Q Insolvency Proceedings and Companies Matters
R Mortgage Possession Claims
S Anti-Social Behaviour and Harassment
T Sale of Goods and Unfair Contracts
U Human Rights and Civil Procedure
V Terminology
Appendix 1: Civil Procedure Rules 1998 and Practice Directions
Appendix 2: Pre-Action Protocols


The Right Honourable Sir Maurice Kay (Editor-in-Chief) was formerly a Lord Justice of Appeal and Vice President of the Court of Appeal (Civil Division). He was a professor of law before being called to the bar in 1975 where he practiced until becoming a High Court Judge in 1995. ; Professor Stuart Sime is the course director of the full-time Bar professional training course at the City Law School, where he teaches civil litigation, commercial, and company law. He was a practising barrister until 2005. In his early career he spent a number of years in the litigation department of the Treasury Solicitor's Office. He is co-author of Blackstone's Guide to the Civil Justice Reforms 2013, the author of A Practical Approach to Civil Procedure, co-author of A Practical Approach to ADR and co-author of The Jackson ADR Handbook (all published by OUP). ; Derek French is principal author of 29 editions of Mayson, French and Ryan on Company Law, author of two editions of Applications to Wind Up Companies and one of Model Articles of Association for Companies, editor of 16 editions of Blackstone's Statutes on Company Law and co-author of Blackstone's Guide to the Civil Justice Reforms 2013, (all published by OUP).