New Critical Studies on Early Quaker Women, 1650-1800

ISBN : 9780198814221

Michele Lise Tarter; Catie Gill
304 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Michele Lise Tarter and Catie Gill: Introduction
Part I: Revolutions
1 Hilary Hinds: Sarah Jones and the Appearance of the Quaker Light
2 Catie Gill: 'Harden not they Heart': 'Antinomian' Appeals to Rulers in Restoration England
3 Stephen W. Angell: 'They have Souls to Save as well as we': White Quaker Women in the New World Slavery, 1650-1800
4 Michele Lise Tarter: Written from the Body of Sisterhood: Transatlantic Quaker Women's Prophesying and the Creation of a New Word
Part II: Disruptions
5 Erin Bell: 'Stock Characters with Stiff-Brimmed Bonnets': Depictions of Quaker Women by Outsiders, c. 1650-1800
6 Naomi Pullin: She Suffered for my Sake': Female Martyrs and Lay Activists in Transatlantic Quakerism, 1650-1710
7 Sarah Crabtree: In the Light and on the Road: Patience Brayton and the Quaker Itinerant Ministry
8 Desiree Henderson: 'The Impudent Fellow Came in Swareing': Constructing and Defending Quaker Community in Elizabeth Drinker's Diary
Part III: Networks
9 Rebecca M. Rosen: Copying Hannah Griffitts: Poetic Circulation and the Quaker Community of Scribes
10 Kristianna Polder: Women and the Origins of Quakerism: Margaret Fell, Leader, Wife and the Mother of the New Jerusalem
11 Elizabeth Bouldin: 'In the Days of Thy Youth': Eighteenth-Century Quaker Women and the Socialization of Children
12 Jean R. Soderlund: Quaker Women in Lenape Country: Gender and Ethnicity on the West New Jersey Frontier, 1675-1725
Christine Trevett: Afterword


Michele Lise Tarter is a Professor of English at The College of New Jersey. She has published and presented extensively on early Quaker women's writing, Quaker pedagogy, and on Quaker texts and the expansion of the American literary canon. Her publications include Buried Lives: Incarcerated in Early America (co-edited with Richard Bell; University of Georgia Press, 2012).; Catie Gill is a Lecturer in Early Modern Writing at Loughborough University. She is the author of Women in the Quaker Community (Ashgate, 2005).