Governing the World's Biggest Market: The Politics of Derivatives Regulation After the 2008 Crisis

ISBN : 9780190864576

Eric Helleiner; Stefano Pagliari; Irene Spagna
288 ページ
156 x 235 mm

What has been done since the 2008 financial crisis to reform the regulation of derivatives markets? The volume analyzes the goals, limitations, and unexpected outcomes associated with post-crisis international initiatives to regulate these markets, as well as the different transnational, inter-state, and domestic political dynamics that have shaped these outcomes.


List of Illustrations
Introduction. Governing the World's Biggest Market: The Politics of Derivatives Regulation After the 2008 Crisis
Eric Helleiner, Stefano Pagliari and Irene Spagna
Chapter 1. Becoming the World's Biggest Market: OTC Derivatives Before the Global Financial Crisis of 2008
Irene Spagna
Chapter 2. Financial Regulatory Cooperation: Coordination of Derivatives Markets
Elliot Posner
Chapter 3. Global Markets, National Toolkits: Extraterritorial Derivatives Rulemaking in Response to the Global Financial Crisis
Matthew Gravelle and Stefano Pagliari
Chapter 4. Power Plays from the Fringe: East Asian Responses to Derivatives Regulatory Reform
Yu-wai Vic Li
Chapter 5. The Second Half: Interest Group Conflicts and Coalitions in the Implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act Derivatives Rules
Stefano Pagliari
Chapter 6. The Politics and Practices of Central Clearing in OTC Derivatives Markets
Erin Lockwood
Chapter 7. Positioning for Stronger Limits? The Politics of Regulating Commodity Derivatives Markets
Eric Helleiner
Chapter 8. A Web Without a Center: Fragmentation in the OTC Derivatives Trade Reporting System
Peter Knaack


Eric Helleiner is Professor in the Department of Political Science and Balsillie School of International Affairs, University of Waterloo. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and presently serves as co-editor of the book series Cornell Studies in Money. He has authored and edited ten books, of which the most recent include Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods (2014), The Status Quo Crisis (2014), and The Great Wall of Money (2014).; Stefano Pagliari is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Politics at City, University of London. His research has been published in journals such as International Organization, Review of International Political Economy, and Socio-Economic Review. Irene Spagna is a Ph.D. candidate in Global Governance and Global Political Economy at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, University of Waterloo.