Rapid Response System: A Practical Guide

ISBN : 9780190612474

Raghavan Murugan; John A. Kellum; Joseph M. Darby
376 ページ
127 x 203 mm

A concise handbook and quick reference guide for the evaluation and management of common medical emergencies encountered by hospital rapid response teams in both community and academic institutions.


Foreword Introduction to Rapid Response Team
Michael A. DeVita
Part I: Rapid Response Teams
1 Evolution and Evidence for Rapid Response Teams
Richard L. Simmons and Muhammad Tahseen, MD
2 Rapid Response Team Organization and Activation
Carol Curio Scholle, MSN, RN
3 Leadership and Crisis Management
Brad W. Butcher, MD
Part II: Common Emergency Syndromes and Management
4 In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Jonathan Elmer, MD, MS, and Abhishek Freyer, MD
5 Atrial Fibrillation and Other Cardiac Arrhythmias
Rinaldo Bellomo, MD, PhD, and Antoine Schneider, MD, PhD
6 Hypoxemia and Respiratory Failure
Jeffrey K. Javed, MD, and Jason E. Moore, MD, MS
7 Seizures and Altered Mental Status
Ruchira Jha, MD, Jodi Manners, MD, and Kiruba Dharaneeswaran, MD
8 Hypotension and Shock
Christopher K. Schott, MD, MS, RDMS, FACEP, and Jessica A. Fozard, NREMT-P, BS
9 Hypertensive Emergencies
Chenell Donadee, MD, and Hitesh Gidwani, MD
10 Bleeding Emergencies
Michael C. Reede, MBBS, MPH, DPhil, FANZCA, FCICM, and Patrick C. Finn, MBBS.
11 Chest Pain and Acute Coronary Syndrome
Stephen D'Auria, MD, and Ravi Ramani, MD
12 Major Trauma
Louis H. Alarcon, MD, and Patrick R.Varley, MD
13 Sepsis
David T. Huang, MD, MPH, and Munish H. Lapsia, MD
Part III: Special Circumstances
14 Pediatric Emergencies
Cameron Dezfulian, MD, Christopher M. Horvat, MD, and Melinda F. Hamilton, MD, MSc
15 Obstetric Emergencies
David Muigai, MD, MMM, and Amir Shamshirsaz, MD
16 Behavioral Health Emergencies
Robin Valpey, MD, and Amy Crawford-Faucher, MD, FAAFP
17 Oncologic Emergencies
Harry S. Rafkin, MD
18 The Difficult Airway
Dennis Phillip, DO, and Joshua Knight, MD
19 Acute Stroke
Alexis Steinberg, MD, and Bradley J. Molyneaux, MD, PhD
20 Pulmonary Embolism
Agnes Koczo, MD, and Belinda Rivera-Lebro, MD, MS
21 Ventricular Assist Devices
Rajagopala Padmanabhan, MD, and Penny Sappington, MD
22 Management of Exsanguinating Hemorrhage: Hemostasis and Reduction
Sara P. Myers, MD, MA, MS, and Matthew D. Neal, MD
23 Palliative Care Interventions: Role in Rapid Response Team Events
Taylor Lincoln, MD, Jane Schell, MD, and Shannon Haliko, MD
Part IV: Emergency Procedures
24 Airway Management
James M. Dargin, MD, and Lillian L. Emlet, MD, MS
25 Emergency Vascular Access
Rajagopala Padmanabhan, MD, and Holt N. Murray, MD
26 Critical Care Ultrasound
Christopher K. Schott, MD, MS, RDMS, FACEP
27 Tube Thoracostomy
Matthew R. Rosengart, MD, MPH
Part V: Equipment
28 The Emergency Crash Cart
Sarah Martin-Cua, MBA, MSN, RN
29 Airway Equipment
Lillian L. Emlet, MD, MS, and James M. Dargin, MD
30 Point-of-Care Testing
Douglas E. Morgan, MBA, MSN, RN, CCRN
31 Portable Monitors and Defibrillators
Robert Bauer, MSN, CRNP, AG-ACNP-BC, and Raghavan Murugan, MD, MS
Part VI: Organization and Administration
Chapter 32: Hospital Policy
Carol Curio Scholle, MSN, RN
Chapter 33: Communication and Coordination of Care
Jeannine DiNella, RN, DNP, CCNS, and Terri Kress, RN, MSN, CEN
Chapter 34: Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Lisa M. Painter, DNP, RN, Cheryl Janov, BSN, RN, and Richard L. Simmons


Dr. Raghavan Murugan is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Critical Care Medicine and the Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He is currently the Medical Director of the Rapid Response System at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Chief of Intensive Care Unit at Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC.; Dr. Joseph M. Darby is Professor of Critical Care Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He is a former Medical Director of the Rapid Response System at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He is currently the Chief of Critical Care at UPMC Hamot Hospital and Co-Director of the NeuroTrauma ICU at the Presbyterian Hospital.