Depression as a Systemic Illness

ISBN : 9780190603342

James J. Strain; Michael Blumenfield
336 ページ
156 x 235 mm

This book offers a presentation of the illness of depression that highlights this ubiquitous phenomenon as a systemic illness rather than exclusively a mental disorder. In doing so, it emphasizes the need for the primary care physician to be the first agent to care for garden variety depressive disorders and the need to alter medical school and residency training to accommodate the development of the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to fulfill this goal. Its unique approach and presentation of depression makes it a key resource for clinicians within the fields of both psychiatry and primary care medicine.


1. The Biological Basis of Depression: Insights from Animal Models
Eric J. Nestler
2. The Brain and Body on Stress: Allostatic Load and Mechanisms for Depression and Dementia
Bruce S. McEwen and Natalie L.Rasgon
3. Depression as a recurrent, progressive illness: Need for long-term prevention
Robert M. Post
4. Biological effects of Depression in Cardiac Illness
Nicole Mavrides and Charles Nemeroff
5. Biological effects of depression: risk for and occurrence of stroke
Bradleigh Hayhow and Sergio Starkstein
6. Depression and Cancer
Daniel C McFarland and Jimmie Holland
7. Depression in Neurologic Disorders: Comorbidity or another clinical manifestation?
Andres M. Kanner
8. Depression and Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders
Eduardo A. Colon
9. Wound Healing and Depression
Frederick J Stoddard Jr and Robert L. Sheridan
10. Psychopharmacological Issues in the Treatment of Depression as a Systemic Illness: Focus on Adverse Drug Reactions and Drug-Drug Interactions
Kelly L. Cozza, Rita Rein, Gary H. Wynn, and Eric G. Meyer
11. Diagnostic Dilemmas
James J. Strain, Patricia Casey, and Peter Tyrer
12. Models of Mental Health Training for Non-Psychiatric Physicians: Beyond Collaborative Care
James J. Strain
13. An Updated Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Depression Management
Jay J. Strain, Akhil Shenoy, and James J. Strain
James J. Strain and Michael Blumenfield


James J. Strain, MD Professor of Psychiatry Professor of Medical Education Master Teacher Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, New York; Michael Blumenfield, MD Sidney E. Frank Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences New York Medical College Valhalla, New York