The Oxford Handbook of American Sports Law

ISBN : 9780190465957

Michael A. McCann
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The Oxford Handbook of American Sports Law is a timely and engaging compilation of commentaries by leading experts on the most significant issues in US sports law. The book blends analysis of historical and contemporary controversies with prescriptions for how courts and lawmakers can reconcile the competing interests of leagues, owners, and players. The Handbook also establishes a foundation for future research on sports law issues. As technology and social media alter the ways fans, athletes, and team officials interact, legal doctrine will be challenged to adapt, and the Handbook both forecasts these debates and outlines where the law may be headed.


1. Introduction: American Sports Law through Deflategate by Michael A. McCann
2. The Evolution of the Power of the Commissioner in Professional Sports by Jimmy Golen & Warren K. Zola
3. Leagues and Owners: The Donald Sterling Story by Michael A. McCann
4. The Commissioner's Power to Discipline Players for On- and Off-Field Misconduct by Richard T. Karcher
5. The Regulation of Doping in U.S. and International Sports by Maureen A. Weston
6. Drugs in Professional Sports by Todd Clark
7. Blood Sports in an Age of Liability by Jeffrey Standen
8. Sports and American Tort Law by Geoffrey Rapp
9. The Increasing Role of Disability Issues in U.S. Sports Law by Dionne Koller
10. Collective Bargaining and Workforce Protections in Sports by Nicholas M. Ohanesian
11. Collective Bargaining in Professional Sports: The Duel Between Players and Owners and Labor Law and Antitrust Law by Gabe Feldman
12. The Single-Entity Doctrine of Antitrust as Applied to Sports Leagues by Stephen F. Ross
13. Eligibility Rules in Professional Sports by Glenn M. Wong and Christopher R. Deubert
14. Athlete Representation by Ed Edmonds
15. Identity and Speech in Sport in the Social Media Era by Jimmy Sanderson
16. The Shifting Line of Sports Betting Legalization by Daniel L. Wallach
17. The Enduring Power of the Sports Broadcasting Act by Nathaniel Grow
18. Youth and High School Sports Law Issues by Brian L. Porto
19. College Athletics: The Growing Tension Between Amateurism & Commercialism by Warren K. Zola
20. Title IX and U.S. College Sports: Contemporary Challenges to Compliance by Erin E. Buzuvis
21. Recreational Sports Law by Thomas A. Baker III
22. Arbitration and the Olympic Athlete by Sean Nolon
23. Competition Law, Free Movement of Players, and Nationality Restrictions by Ryan Gauthier
24. Athlete Trademarks: Names, Nicknames, & Catchphrases by Alexandra J. Roberts
25. Trade Secrets and Information Security in the Age of Sports Analytics by Roger Allan Ford
26. The Role of Bioethics in Sports Law by Alan Milstein
27. The Rooney Rule's Reach: How the NFL's Equal Opportunity Initiative for Coaches Inspired Local Government Reform by N. Jeremi Duru
28. Sports in the Context of Social Media Law by Jon M. Garon
29. Public Development for Professional Sports Stadiums by Irwin P. Raij and Alexander Chester
30. Daily Fantasy Sports and PASPA: How to Assess Whether the State Regulation of Daily Fantasy Sports Contests Violates Federal Law by Daniel L. Wallach


Michael A. McCann is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of New Hampshire School of Law, where he is also Director of the Sports and Entertainment Law Institute and a Professor of Law. He has published articles in the Yale Law Journal, Boston College Law Review, and Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law, among other leading law reviews. He is also an investigative writer and Legal Analyst for Sports Illustrated. He has written over 600 articles for Sports Illustrated since joining the publication in 2007 and was the first journalist to interview Lance Armstrong after his 2013 interview with Oprah Winfrey. He is also a sports attorney and served as a member of the legal team that represented Ohio State University running back Maurice Clarett in his historic case against the NFL and its eligibility rule. McCann is also collaborating with Ed O'Bannon on a book detailing O'Bannon's path-breaking case against the NCAA.