Atlas of refugees, displaced populations, and epidemic diseases: Decoding global geographical patterns and processes since 1901

ISBN : 9780199676316

Matthew Smallman-Raynor; Andrew Cliff
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219 x 276 mm

Refugees and displaced populations are a highly relevant, controversial topic of the modern socio-political landscape, with images of people fleeing conflicts and natural disasters a regular occurrence in the media. They flee to perceived safe havens, but are often accompanied by sickness, starvation, poor sanitation, close contact and reduced healthcare. Infection frequently spreads among camps, and sometimes, onwards into the local population. Epidemics develop. What are these diseases, and can they be controlled? What are the health consequences for the migrating and resident populations? What might the demographic impact be? The Atlas of refugees, displaced populations, and epidemic diseases examines the globally changing geographical patterns of communicable diseases among refugees and other displaced persons - in flight, in camps, and resettled in local communities - since the beginning of the twentieth century. The book explores historical and contemporary case studies, i


Part 1: Introduction; 1 Introduction: Forced population displacement and disease; Part 2: Regional Patterns and Processes, 1901-2015; 2 Europe at war, 1901-1950; 3 Africa; 4 South-East Asia and the Western Pacific since 1945; 5 The Americas since 1945; 6 The Middle East: State formation and refugees; Part 3: Themes, 1901-2015; 7 Civil defence and national security: Emergency evacuation and wartime internment; 8 Genocide, ethnic cleansing, displacement, and disease; 9 Natural disasters; 10 Anthropogenic disasters and environmental disruptions; Part 4: Epilogue; 11 Epilogue


Professor Andrew D. Cliff, European Academy 2002; FBA 1996; Professor of Theoretical Geography, University of Cambridge, since 1997; Pro-Vice-Chancellor since 2004; Fellow, Christ's College, Cambridge, since 1974. Educ: King's Coll. London (BA 1964); Northwestern Univ. (MA 1966); Univ. of Bristol (PhD 1969; DSc 1982); MA Cantab. 1973. FSS 1968. Teaching Asst in Geog., Northwestern Univ., 1964-66; University of Bristol: Res. Associate in Geog., 1968-69; Lectr 1969-72; Lectr in Geog., Univ. of Cambridge, 1973-91; Reader in Theoretical Geog., Univ. of Cambridge, 1991-97. Professor of Theoretical Geog., Univ. of Cambridge, 1997- Present.; Professor Matthew R. Smallman-Raynor, Professor of Geography, University of Nottingham, since 2004. Educ: Cambridge University, BA (1988), MA Cantab. (1991), PhD (1991). Res. Associate in Geog., Univ. of Cambridge, 1991-94; Lectr in Geog., Univ. of Exeter, 1994-96; Univ. of Nottingham: Res. Fellow, 1996-98; Lectr in Geog., 1998-2001; Reader in Geog., 2001-4; Professor in Geog., 2004- Present.