Democracy under Threat: NA

ISBN : 9780199484805

Surendra Munshi
288 ページ
150 x 223 mm

This book takes a close look at democracy in practice in a global perspective, highlighting challenges from within and outside. Issues such as crisis in democratic leadership, fragile state of democratic institutions, populism, caudillism, and dynasty rule are discussed, paying as much attention to the threats of authoritarianism to the democratic order. Questions have been in addition raised whether the West has failed and whether leaders such as Gandhi and Havel can help us to leave the era of post-truth behind us in order to create a humane order with reason, conscience, and responsibility.


Preface Introduction SURENDRA MUNSHI A: Crisis in Democratic Leadership 1. Democratic Renewal: Tasks for Democratic Leadership CARL GERSHMAN 2. The Voice of the People and Leadership IVETA RADICOVA 3. Solidarity and Social Justice: Challenges for Liberal Democracy SHLOMO AVINERI B: Fragile and Emerging State of Democratic Institutions 4. The Future of Democracy in the Arab World TAREK OSMAN 5. The Fragility of Our Democratic Institutions ARUN MAIRA C. A New Era of Authoritarianism 6. The Growing Authoritarian Influence in Democratic Systems CHRISTOPHER WALKER 7. The Bitter Taste of Velvet Dictatorship ADAM MICHNIK 8. Aggrieved Nativism: Turkey and Russia SUAT KINIKLIOGLU 9. New Authoritarianism in East Asia LU HSIU-LIEN 10. Ten Thousand Cuts: China's Approach to Democracy JUAN PABLO CARDENAL D: Populism, Caudillism, and Dynastic Rule 11. Three Structural Flaws in the Populist Wall OSCAR ARIAS 12. From Illiberalism to Populism: The; Ideological Causes of the Latin American Failure AXEL KAISER 13. The Paradox of Dynastic Politics in India NEELAM DEO AND ARJUN CHAWLA 14. Democracy, Dynasties and Power: Why 'Legacy Politics' Persist? PAUL FLATHER E. Has the West Failed? 15. Staying with Our Values ANDREJ KISKA 16. Has the West Failed? ALEXANDR VONDRA 17. The Enduring Legacy of Western Dominance THOMAS POGGE F: For Democratic Leadership: Lessons from Havel and Gandhi 18. Havel and the Mahatma: A Brief Comparison RAMIN JAHANBEGLOO 19. Post-Truth and Truth SURENDRA MUNSHI Select Bibliography Index Notes on the Editor and Contributors