Equity and Access: Health Care Studies

ISBN : 9780199482160

Purendra Prasad; Amar Jesani
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148 x 215 mm

This volume provides a holistic narrative that explains the politics of health care access in terms of distribution, utilization, and outcomes as well as the context in which health inequalities are reproduced which is critical not only to scholarly understanding of health care but to informing the development of health care policy in India at a critical juncture.


List of Tables and Figures Introduction : Health Inequities in India : The Larger Dimensions N Purendra Prasad Section I: State, Market, and Health Care 1. State, Community, and Primary Health Care: Disempowering Discourses? Ritu Priya 2. Health Care Reforms: Do they Ensure Social Protection for the Working Poor N Purendra Prasad 3. Medical Industrial Complex: Trends in Corporatisation of Health Services Rama V Baru. 4. Social Roots of Medical Education Neha Madhiwalla 5. Medical Education and Basic Health Care: Forging Connections Anand Zacharaiah Section II: Pharmaceuticals and Experimentation 6. Globalization, Intellectual Property Rights, and Pharmaceuticals Amit Sengupta. 7. Access to Pharmaceuticals: Role of State, Industry, and Market S Srinivasan and Malini Aisola ; 8. Structure, Organization, and Knowledge Production of Clinical Trial Industry Roger Jeffery, Gerard Porter, Salla Sariola, Amar Jesani, and Deapica Ravindran 9. Body as `Resource' in; Surrogacy and Bio-medical Research: New Frontiers and Dilemmas Sarojini Nadimpally and Vrinda Marwah. Section III: Equity Issues in Health Care - Gender, Caste, Disability and Violence 10. Health, Disability, and Equity: Conversation Among Bodies, Discourses, and Law Renu Addlakha. 11. Caste, Class, and Gender on the Margins of the State: An Ethnographic Study Among Community Health Workers Madhumita Biswal 12. Legitimising Violence: A Narrative of Sexual Health Asima Jena 13. Addressing Violence Against Women as a Health Care Issue: Perceptions and Approaches Sangeeta Rege and Padma Deosthali. Section IV: Right to Health and Universal Health Strategies 14. Universal Health Coverage: How Viable? K Srinath Reddy and Manu Raj Mathur ; 15. Kerala's Early Experience: Moving towards Universal Health Coverage Sunil Nandraj and Devaki Nambiar 16. A Financing Strategy for Universal Access to Health Care: Maharashtra Model Ravi Duggal. 17. The Right to Health: A Contested; Journey Kajal Bharadwaj, Veena Johari and Vivek Divan Index About the Editors and Contributors


N Purendra Prasad is Professor at the department of sociology and has been working at University of Hyderabad since 2000. His research interests include political economy of health, agrarian studies, development and urban studies. He is on the academic and ethical advisory boards of several universities and institutions in India.; Amar Jesani is an independent consultant - researcher and teacher - in bioethics and public health. He is one of the founders of the Forum for Medical Ethics Society and its journal, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME) and is presently its editor. He is also one of the founding trustees of the Anusandhan Trust, which manages the health research institute, CEHAT (Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes) in Mumbai, and the health action institute, SATHI in Pune since 2010.