Canadian Families Today: New Perspectives (4th edition)

ISBN : 9780199025763

Patrizia Albanese
432 ページ
178 x 228 mm

Now in its fourth edition, Canadian Families Today presents a comprehensive introduction to the sociological study of our nation's families. This thought-provoking collection explores the major themes, historical developments, and contemporary cases that are currently shaping family life, including discussions on the changing definition of family, new studies on the life course and family dynamics, and the unique challenges that families in Canada face.


Contributors; Preface; Part I: Conceptualizing Families, Past and Present; 1 Patrizia Albanese: Introduction to Diversity in Canada's Families: Variation in Forms, Definitions, and Theories; 2 Cynthia Comacchio: Canada's Families: Historical and Contemporary Variations; 3 Doreen M. Fumia: Same-Sex Marriage in Canada; Part II: The Life Course; 4 Melanie Heath: Intimacy, Commitment, and Family Formation; 5 Amber Gazso: Parenting Young Children: Decisions and Realities; 7 Karen M. Kobayashi and Anne Martin-Matthews: Families in Middle and Later Life: Patterns and Dynamics of Living Longer, Aging Together; Part III: Family Issues; 8 Deborah K. van den Hoonaard: Marriage and Death Rituals; 9 Andrea Doucet: Families, Paid and Unpaid Work: Connecting Households, Workplaces, State Polices, and Communities; 10 Don Kerr and Joseph H. Michalski: Family Poverty in Canada: Correlates, Coping Strategies, and Consequences; 11 Amal Madibbo and James S. Frideres: The Settlement of Refugee Families in Canada: Pre-migration and Post-migration Trajectories and Location in Canadian Society; 12 Vanessa Watts: Indigenous Families; 13 Michelle Owen: Lack of Support: Canadian Families and Disability; Part IV: Problems, Policies, and Predictions; 14 Catherine Holtmann: Violence in Families; 15 Catherine Krull and Mushira Mohsin Khan: Investing in Families and Children: Family Policies in Canada; 16 Margrit Eichler: The Past of the Future and the Future of the Family; References; Index