Union with Christ in the New Testament

ISBN : 9780198818731

Grant Macaskill
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This book is a study of the union between God and those he has redeemed, as it is represented in the New Testament. In conversation with historical and systematic theology, it is argued that this union is consistently represented by the New Testament authors as centring on the idea of a covenant, with believers' experience of God specifically mediated by Jesus, the covenant Messiah. His mediation of divine presence is grounded in his own being, in the real divinity and real humanity of his person, and by the full divine personhood of the Holy Spirit, who unites believers to him in faith. His personal narrative of death and resurrection is understood in relation to the covenant by which God's dealings with humanity are ordered. In their union with him, believers are transformed both morally and noetically, so that the union has an epistemic dimension, strongly affirmed by the theological tradition but sometimes confused by scholars with Platonism. This account is developed in close e


Introduction; 1 Participation and Union with Christ in New Testament Scholarship; 2 Participation and Union with Christ in the Patristic Tradition and Modern Orthodox Theology; 3 Participation in Lutheran and Reformed Theology; 4 Exploring the Backgrounds to Union with Christ; 5 Examining the Adamic Backgrounds of Union with Christ; 6 The Temple and the Body of the Messiah; 7 Other Images of the Temple in the New Testament; 8 The Sacraments and Union with Christ; 9 Other Participatory Elements in the Pauline Corpus; 10 Further Participatory Elements in the Johannine Literature; 11 Grammars and Narratives of Participation in the Rest of the New Testament; 12 Conclusions; Bibliography


Grant Macaskill is the Kirby Laing Chair of New Testament Exegesis at the University of Aberdeen. Prior to this, he had taught as Senior Lecturer in New Testament at the University of St Andrews. His research engages with the New Testament as a coherent body of theological literature emerging from the diverse contexts of late Second Temple Judaism. His publications include In the Fullness of Time: Essays on Christology, Creation, and Eschatology in Honor of Richard Bauckham (2016), The Slavonic Texts of 2 Enoch (2013), and Revealed Wisdom and Inaugurated Eschatology in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity (2007).