Textual Events: Performance and the Lyric in Early Greece

ISBN : 9780198805823

Felix Budelmann; Tom Phillips
320 ページ
138 x 216 mm

In exploring the idea of lyric performances as 'textual events', this volume marks a departure from the interpretation of Greek lyric as a type of socio-political discourse that has been prominent in recent decades. Building on the renewed concern with the aesthetic in classical scholarship, it studies poetic effects that cannot be adequately captured in terms of function alone and re-examines the relationship between formal features and historical contexts.


Frontmatter; List of Abbreviations; List of Contributors; 1 Felix Budelmann and Tom Phillips: Introduction; I: Occasionality; 2 Giambattista D Alessio: Fiction and Pragmatics in Ancient Greek Lyric: The Case of Sappho; 3 Anna Uhlig: Sailing and Singing: Alcaeus at Sea; 4 David Fearn: Materialities of Political Commitment? Textual Events, Material Culture, and Metaliterarity in Alcaeus; 5 G. O. Hutchinson: What is a Setting?; II: Conceptual Contexts; 6 Tim Whitmarsh: Sappho and Cyborg Helen; 7 Henry Spelman: Event and Artefact: The Homeric Hymn to Apollo, Archaic Lyric, and Early Greek Literary History; 8 Oliver Thomas: Hermetically Unsealed: Lyric Genres in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes; 9 Tom Phillips: Polyphony, Event, Context: Pindar, Paean 9; III: Lyric Encounters; 10 Pauline A. LeVen: Echo and the Invention of the Lyric Listener; 11 Felix Budelmann: Lyric Minds; 12 Mark Payne: Fidelity and Farewell: Pindar's Ethics as Textual Events; Endmatter; Works Cited; Index


Felix Budelmann is Associate Professor of Classical Languages and Literature at the University of Oxford. He has previously taught at the University of Manchester and the Open University, and his research focuses on Greek literature, especially lyric and tragedy.; Following graduate work at the University of Oxford, Tom Phillips was a Junior Research Fellow at Merton College (2013-16). He is currently working on the Leverhulme-funded project 'Anachronism and Antiquity', and his research focuses on lyric, Hellenistic poetry, and ancient scholarship.