The Psychiatry of Adult Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A practical guide

ISBN : 9780198796343

Traolach S. Brugha
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Autism, including Asperger syndrome, is a strongly heritable condition that can usually be diagnosed in children by the age of two or three years. Although autism is more common in the less intellectually able child, in the more able child the condition is often overlooked until adulthood. Epidemiological research has shown that most adults in the general population meeting the criteria for autism are unrecognized and undiagnosed. There is a growing pressure on psychiatrists to be able to recognize autism and to consider its effects on their adult patients, particularly when they are also showing signs of another mental disorder, such as psychosis, personality disorder, or chronic depression. The Psychiatry of Adult Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A practical guide introduces adult psychiatrists, including sub-specialist psychiatrists, to autism and Asperger syndrome. It covers recognition and diagnosis and the psychiatrist's role in treating patients with co-morbid mental disorde


PART I. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND; 1 History and development of the concept of autism; 2 Awareness of autism in adulthood; 3 Development of behaviour and functioning (with hindsight); 4 Autism as a lived experience; PART II. THE CLINICAL ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSTIC PATHWAY; 5 Obtaining an assessment; 6 Initial assessment ('Triage'); 7 Full assessment: the developmental history; 8 Full assessment: interviewing the patient and autistic phenomenology; 9 Full assessment: direct observation and the signs of autism; 10 Comorbidity assessment; 11 Detailed needs assessment; PART III. CARE AND INTERVENTION AFTER DIAGNOSIS; 12 Approaches to treatment and care; 13 Social Care, the personal passport and reasonable adjustments; 14 Caring communities and caring societies; 15 Choices in life and the awareness, knowledge and skills to support them; References; Appendices; 1 Epidemiology Methods; 2 The author's experiences in epidemiology and in policy development; 3 Development of a new approach to interviewing adults about their experiences of autism based on the Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (Chapter 8); 4 Independent evaluation of the ADOS in community populations; Index


Traolach S. Brugha is Professor of Psychiatry at University of Leicester and Consultant Psychiatrist at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Leicester, UK