Politics and Philosophy at Rome: Collected Papers

ISBN : 9780198793120

Miriam T. Griffin; Catalina Balmaceda
832 ページ
171 x 246 mm

Miriam T. Griffin is an eminent scholar of Roman history and ancient philosophy who has been unrivalled in her pioneering work to bridge the gap between these two fields. Her collected papers span a period of over forty years and include both published works, many of them now difficult to find in their original printings, and previously unpublished lectures. Covering a range of topics in Roman Republican and Imperial history, Roman historiography, and the interplay of Latin philosophy and Roman politics, some are quite general and would serve as useful introductions to the subject area for students or scholars new to the field, while others are more detailed and technical, opening up new areas of discussion and inviting further analysis and scholarly development.


Frontmatter; List of Illustrations; List of Abbreviations; PART I: ROMAN HISTORY; Republican History; 1 Cicero and Rome; 2 The 'Leges Iudiciariae' of the Pre-Sullan Era; 3 The Tribune C. Cornelius; 4 Introduction to A Companion to Julius Caesar; Imperial History; 5 Urbs Roma, Plebs and Princeps; 6 The Elder Seneca and Spain; 7 Nero's Recall of Suetonius Paullinus; 8 Claudius in the Judgement of the Next Half-Century; 9 Tacitus, Tiberius and the Principate; 10 Nero and the Concept of Imperial Glory; PART II: ROMAN HISTORIOGRAPHY; Published Papers; 11 Tacitus as a Historian; 12 The Lyons Tablet and Tacitean Hindsight; 13 Un Frammento del Libro XI di Tito Livio?; 14 Claudius in Tacitus; 15 The Senate's Story; 16 Pliny and Tacitus; 17 Iure Plectimur: The Roman Critique of Roman Imperialism; Unpublished Lectures; 18 Writing History: The Senate vs. Tacitus; 19 Pliny s Letters: Between History and E-mail; 20 Nero: From Zero to Hero; 21 Tacitus and Nero; 22 Tiberius on Family Relations; Occasional Pieces; 23 Obituary of Sir Ronald Syme, 1903-1989; 24 Show Us You Care, Ma'am; 25 'Lifting the Mask': Syme on Fictional History; PART III: PHILOSOPHY AND POLITICS; 26 Philosophy, Politics, and Politicians at Rome; 27 De Brevitate Vitae; 28 Seneca on Cato's Politics: Epistle 14.12 13; 29 Imago Vitae Suae; 30 Philosophy, Cato, and Roman Suicide: I and II; 31 Philosophy for Statesmen: Cicero and Seneca; 32 The Intellectual Developments of the Ciceronian Age; 33 Philosophical Badinage in Cicero's Letters to his Friends; 34 Cynicism and the Romans: Attraction and Repulsion; 35 When is Thought Political?; 36 From Aristotle to Atticus: Cicero and Matius on Friendship; 37 The Composition of the Academica: Motives and Versions; 38 Seneca and Pliny; 39 Piso, Cicero and their Audience; 40 Political Thought in the Age of Nero; 41 Clementia after Caesar: From Politics to Philosophy; 42 De Beneficiis and Roman Society; 43 The Younger Pliny's Debt to Moral Philosophy; 44 Seneca's Pedagogic Strategy: Letters and De Beneficiis; 45 The Elder Pliny on Philosophers; 46 The Politics of Virtue: Three Puzzles in Cicero's De Officiis; 47 Symptoms and Sympathy in Latin Letter-writing; 48 Latin Philosophy and Roman Law; 49 The Prince and his Tutor: Candour and Affection; 50 Dignity in Roman and Stoic Thought; Endmatter; Bibliography; Index


Miriam T. Griffin was born in New York and studied at Barnard College and Radcliffe before receiving a Fulbright Scholarship to Oxford, where she completed her DPhil under the supervision of Sir Ronald Syme. She was initially the Fulford Research Fellow at St. Anne's College, later being appointed to a tutorial fellowship in Ancient History at Somerville College and a CUF Lectureship in the University, as well as holding a post as Langford Eminent scholar at Florida State University in 2008. She was the editor of The Classical Quarterly from 2002 until 2007 and is a long-standing editor of the Clarendon Ancient History Series for Oxford University Press.; Catalina Balmaceda completed her D.Phil at Brasenose College, Oxford, and is now Associate Professor of Ancient History at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. She is the author of Virtus Romana: Politics and Morality in the Roman Historians (University of North Carolina Press, 2017), Comprender el pasado: una historia de la escritura y el pensamiento historico (with Jaume Aurell, Peter Burke, and Felipe Soza; Akal, 2013), Sallust: The War Against Jugurtha (with Michael Comber; Liverpool University Press, 2009), and several articles on Roman history and historiography.