China, Russia, and Twenty-First Century Global Geopolitics

ISBN : 9780198719519

Paul J. Bolt; Sharyl N. Cross
304 ページ
156 x 234 mm

This book examines the contemporary Chinese-Russian relationship and how the evolving Sino-Russian strategic partnership affects world order issues. The book describes in detail the economic linkages between China and Russia, including sales of oil and gas; the military relationship, including arms sales and military exercises; Russian and Chinese viewpoints on global hotspots, including Syria and Ukraine; and Russian and Chinese perspectives on non-traditional security issues such as colour revolutions, the emergence of cyber concerns, and terrorism and violent extremism. The Chinese-Russian relationship has momentum, particularly since 2014, although there are still issues that separate them and limit the potential of the relationship. China and Russia have a comprehensive 'strategic partnership', but not an alliance.


1 Historical Foundations, Strategic Visions, and World Order; 2 Energy and the Economic Foundations of the Sino-Russian Relationship; 3 The Sino-Russian Military-Security Relationship: Emerging Trends and Challenges; 4 Russia, China and Contemporary International Conflicts: Ukraine and Syria; 5 Emerging Non-traditional Security Challenges: Colour Revolutions, Cyber/Information Security, Terrorism and Violent Extremism; Conclusion: The Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership: Implications for Contemporary World Order and Geopolitics


Paul J. Bolt is a Professor of Political Science at the United States Air Force Academy, where he has taught since 1997. His publications include The United States, Russia and China: Confronting Global Terrorism and Security Challenges in the 21st Century (co-edited with Su Changhe and Sharyl Cross, Praeger Security International, 2008), China's Nuclear Future (co-authored with Albert S. Willner, Lynne Rienner, 2006), and American Defense Policy (co-edited wtih Paul J. Bolt, Damon V. Coletta, and Collins G. Shackelford Jr, John Hopkins University Press, 2005).; Dr. Sharyl N. Cross is Director of the Kozmetsky Center at St. Edward's University in Austin and Global Policy Scholar at the Kennan Institute Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC. Her publications include Shaping South East Europe's Security Community: Trust, Partnership Integration (co-edited with Savo Kentera, R. Craig Nation, and Radovan Vukadinovic, Palgrave, 2013), and The United States, Russia and China: Confronting Global Terrorism and Security Challenges in the 21st Century (co-edited wtih Paul J, Bolt and Su Changhe, Praeger Security International , 2008).