Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society

ISBN : 9780190858988

Rowena Fong; James E. Lubben; Richard P. Barth
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156 x 235 mm

Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society is an edited book that captures the culmination of the work done on the Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative (GCSWI) spearheaded by the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (AASWSW). The GCSWI is a decade-long undertaking intended to address some of the world's most difficult and complex social problems, and this book presents the foundations of this endeavor as it will unfold.


GRAND CHALLENGES FOR SOCIAL WORK and 2017 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE; Chapter 1: Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society; James Lubben, Richard P. Barth, Rowena Fong, Marilyn Flynn, Michael Sherraden, and Edwina Uehara; Chapter 2: Grand Challenge # 1: Ensure Healthy Development for All Youth; Jeffrey M. Jenson and J. David Hawkins; Chapter 3: Grand Challenge #2: Close the Health Gap; Michael S. Spencer, Karina L. Walters, Heidi L. Allen, Christina M. Andrews, Audrey Begun, Teri Browne, John Clapp, Diana DiNitto, Peter Maramaldi, Darrell Wheeler, Brad Zebrack, and Edwina Uehara; Chapter 4: Grand Challenge #3: Stop Family Violence; Richard P. Barth and Rebecca J. Macy; Chapter 5: Grand Challenge #4: Advance Long and Productive Lives; Nancy Morrow-Howell, Ernest Gonzales, Jacquelyn B. James, Christina Matz-Costa, and Michelle Putnam; Chapter 6: Grand Challenge #5: Eradicate Social Isolation; James Lubben, Elizabeth Tracy, Sandra Edmonds Crewe, Erika L. Sabbath, Melanie Gironda, Carrie Johnson, Jooyoung Kong, Michelle R. Munson, and Suzanne Browne; Chapter 7: Grand Challenge #6: End Homelessness; Deborah K. Padgett and Benjamin F. Henwood; Chapter 8: Grand Challenge # 7: Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment; Susan P. Kemp, Lawrence A. Palinkas, and Lisa Reyes Mason; Chapter 9: Grand Challenge # 8: Harness Technology for Social Good; Stephanie C. Berzin and Claudia J. Coulton; Chapter 10: Grand Challenge # 9: Promote Smart Decarceration; Matthew W. Epperson, Carrie Pettus-Davis, Annie Grier, and Leon Sawh; Chapter 11: Grand Challenge # 10: Reduce Extreme Economic Inequality; Julia Henly, Laura Lein, Jennifer Romich, Trina Shanks, Michael Sherraden, Amanda Tillotson, and Raven Jones; Chapter 12: Grand Challenge #11: Build Financial Capability For All; Jin Huang, Margaret S. Sherraden, Mathieu Despard, David Rothwell, Terri Friedline, Joanna Doran, Karen A. Zurlo, Julie Birkenmaier, Christine Callahan, and Robin McKinney; Chapter 13: Grand Challenge # 12: Achieve Equal Opportunity and Justice; Rocio Calvo, Martell Teasley, Jeremy Goldbach, Ruth McRoy, and Yolanda Padilla; Chapter 14: Conclusion; Richard P. Barth, Rowena Fong, James Lubben, and Sarah Christa Butts


Rowena Fong, EdD, MSW is the Ruby Lee Piester Centennial Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work. A Fellow of SSWR and AASWSW, she is the Treasurer of AASWSW, co-principal investigator of a $23M grant for the National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation, and has authored over 100 publications, including 10 books.; James Lubben, PhD/DSW, MPH, MSW, is the Louise McMahon Ahearn Professor of Social Work at Boston College and Professor Emeritus at UCLA. He has edited 5 books and authored over 100 articles and chapters. He has been principal investigator of over $35M of extramural grants. He is a Fellow in the AASWSW and the Gerontological Society of America.; Richard P. Barth, PhD, MSW is Dean of the University of Maryland School of Social Work and Past-President of AASWSW. He has written more than 10 books and 200 articles and chapters about children's services. He has twice served as a Fulbright Scholar, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from SSWR, and is a Fellow of APA, SSWR.