Healing the Distress of Psychosis: Listening with Psychotic Ears

ISBN : 9780190858759

Shannon Mayeda
480 ページ
156 x 235 mm

Healing the Distress of Psychosis presents a novel approach to communicating with clients who are suffering from severe psychosis, whose brain functions are uniquely different and require an entirely new way to listen and engage with them.


Preface: Everything You Need to Know to Navigate this Book; Unit 1 - Traditional Treatment Approaches for Healing Psychosis; Chapter 1 - Types of Psychosis and General Intervention Approaches; Chapter 2 - Traumatized By Treatment: Anthropological and Social Interactional Perspectives of the Person Who Lives with Psychosis; Chapter 3 - Brief History of Iatrogenic Trauma from the Mainstream Mental Health Treatment System; Chapter 4 - Evidence of Unethical and Ineffective Mainstream Mental Health Treatment; Chapter 5 - Historically Ethical and Effective Mental Health Approaches for Healing the Distress of Psychotic Experiences; Summary of Unit 1; Unit II - New Discoveries about the Causes and Healing Approaches of Psychosis; Chapter 6 - The Relationship Between Early and Severe Trauma and Psychosis; Chapter 7 - The Relationship Between Neurobiology and Psychosis; Summary of Unit II; Unit III - Ethical and Professional Obligations Impact Macro, Mezzo, and Micro Levels of Treatment Delivery; Chapter 8 - Consumer / Psychiatric Survivor / Ex-patient (C/S/X) Movement; Chapter 9 - Existential and Spiritual Philosophy for Healing the Distress of Psychosis; Chapter 10 - Listening with Psychotic Ears Philosophy and Clinical Skills; Chapter 11 - Practice-based Interventions for Engaging the Most Difficult/Impaired; Chapter 12 - Survivor and Self-Care for Families and Clinicians who Work with People who Live with Symptoms of Mental Illness; Summary of Unit III; Unit IV - Where Do We Go From Here?; Chapter 13 - Conclusion and Future Remarks; References; Appendix A: Related Associations; Appendix B: Chapter Resources


Shannon Mayeda, PhD, LCSW, CRADC, is a Clinical Associate Professor of the Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work at the University of Southern California. Dr. Mayeda is the winner of multiple teaching awards including the USC School of Social Work's Jane Addams Teacher of the Year Award, 2008.