Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction: Tools for Mental Health Professionals, Managers, and Employees

ISBN : 9780190697068

Group for Advancement of Psychiatry, Committee on Work and Organizations
176 ページ
127 x 203 mm

Integrating cutting edge psychological insights on both macro and micro levels with prior knowledge of workplace dynamics and functioning, this book considers the impact of the major potential disruptors of the 21st century workplace-technology, globalization, and litigation-and provides tools to repair, restore, and manage workplace relationships.


Part One: Introduction; 1. On the Value of the Work Ethic; 2. A Relationship Primer for the Workplace; Part Two: Disruption and Dysfunction in the Workplace; 3. The Broken Contract; 4. Forces Disrupting Relationships at Work-Technology and Globalization; 5. Forces Disrupting Relationships at Work-Litigation; 6. The Culture of Risk, Diminished Loyalty and the Dangerous Insider; Part Three:Tools to Improve Relationships at Work; 7. Support a Person in Distress; 8. Assess Performance Honestly; 9. Know Your Blind Spots; 10. Use Technology Wisely; 11. Champion Emotional Resilience; Conclusion; 12. Business Is Still Personal; 13. Future Directions


Committee on Work and Organizations, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry; Andrew O. Brown, MD Department Psychiatrist Boston Police Department Immediate Past President Academy of Organizational & Occupational Psychiatry; Christopher Thomas Flinton, MD PGY-3 Psychiatry Resident Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; Brian L. Grant, MD President and Medical Director, Medical Consultants Network Clinical Associate Professor University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; Duane Hagen, MD Chair Emeritus - Department of Psychiatry Mercy Hospital; Ben Hunter, MD Medical Director of Out-patient Services, Skyland Trail,; Barbara Long, MD, PhD Chair of the GAP Committee on Work and Organizations Consultation Private Practice; Daven Morrison, MD GAP Committee Member: Work and Organizations; Jerrold M. Post, MD Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Political Psychology, and International Affairs Director of the Political Psychology Program The George Washington University; Sean Sassano-Higgins, MD Medical Director, Santa Clarita Valley Psychology and Psychiatry Board of Directors, OCD SoCal, Affiliate of the International OCD Foundation Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California; Len Sperry, MD, PhD Professor, Florida Atlantic University